littleBIGidea finalists announced

The 12 finalists have been selected from more than 3,000 entries by a panel of expert judges for their impressive and innovative ideas which include: concepts to improve health, inclusivity and accessibility; medical devices which could have lifesaving impacts; initiatives to improve Australia’s environmental impact, and technology to improve road safety.

2018 Origin’s littleBIGidea Top 12 finalists:

Grades 3-4

Toothy Timer: a device to monitor and encourage teeth cleaning habits with kids in a fun and engaging way – Christy Davy, 9, St Andrews Catholic Primary, Ferny Grove, QLD

Lunch Mate: a digital attachment to lunchboxes that monitors nutritional food value and intake to encourage healthier options – Sophie Barling, 9, St Bernard’s Primary School, Batehaven, NSW

Tablet Disguise: edible chocolate slime to disguise unpleasant medication and allow for easier swallowing – Kirby Wright, 9, St James Primary School, Yamba, NSW

Colour Blind Watch: a colour detection sensor which identifies all colours to those who are colour blind – Hamish Lane, 10, St Vincents Primary School, Clear Island Waters, QLD

Grades 5-6

Find A Friend: an electronic system to help identify children who want someone to play with, ensuring all children feel easily included in the school yard – Indy Jackson, 11, Picton Public School, Picton, NSW

A-Watch: a watch that identifies when someone is in anaphylactic shock which can swiftly self-inject lifesaving medication and alert medical services – Anthony Foong, 11, Beecroft Public School, Beecroft, NSW

Composting Hot Shower Machine: a composting machine that generates hot water through the breakdown of food scraps – Mikalah Strickling, 11, Green Point Christian College, Green Point, NSW

Pollution Solution Compost Bin: using wax moth larvae to breakdown plastic helping to reduce plastic pollution – Olive Forbes, 11, Iona Presentation College Junior School, Mosman Park, WA

Grade 7-8

Re-print: a durable and portable granular furnace dual processor which repurposes plastic PET bottles into 3D printer spools that can be reused within the growing 3D printer industry – Charlie Johnstone, 14, Canterbury College, Waterford, QLD

RoadVue App: a camera at the front and back of cars, connected to an app to record tailgaters and alert authorities – William Newman, 13, Springfield Anglican College, Springfield, QLD

Robotic Rubbish: a robotic wheelie bin with in built sensors to navigate to and from the curb and scales to advise councils of rubbish collecting requirements – Zali Munday, 14, Burnie High School, Burnie, TAS

Autism Tracker Watch: a device designed to help support kids with autism and parents by enhancing visual and verbal communication digitally – Isaac Force, 12, Home-schooled, Osborne, SA

The budding young inventors, aged between 9 and 14, will participate in a design workshop hosted by Origin and Engineers Without Borders Australia in Melbourne on Friday 19 October.

Following the workshop, where they will create prototypes of their ideas, all 12 students will submit a final pitch video to the littleBIGidea judging panel. Judges will then select a National Winner in each of the three categories (grades 3-4, grades 5-6, grades 7-8) who will win a trip to NASA Kennedy Space Centre in the USA.

National winners will be announced in late November.

Find more information here.

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