Big ideas from little kids

With our littleBIGidea competition kicking off this July, we wanted to take a look back at some of the amazing, creative and innovative ideas submitted by last year’s winners.

Kids have incredible imaginations and a lot of ideas. littleBIGidea seeks to unearth Australia’s greatest young inventors and provides students with a platform to submit any ideas that help people in some way, or make life easier.

Last year we received over 950 original, creative, practical and imaginative entries from young inventors nation-wide.

A smart sprinkler, a quicker way to access Band-Aids, and an app to help build more sustainable communities were declared the three best inventions, and the winning students were sent to NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre, Epcot Theme Park at Disneyworld and Ripley’s Believe It or Not in the USA.

Get to know our 2016 littleBIGidea National Winners…

Grade 3 & Grade 4

Ten year old Bridgette Veneris, from St Joseph’s, Chelsea (VIC) for “Faster-Aid”

Since being diagnosed with leukaemia last year, Bridgette had the idea from watching her mum and nurses struggle with opening the many adhesive plasters (otherwise known as Band-Aids) she required.

As part of her idea, the adhesive plasters would be a long roll similar to sticky tape, with perforated edges every 4cm, padding in the middle, and a protective plastic layer to keep them sterile. Users would simply pull the dispenser to the next perforated edge like sticky tape and tear off the adhesive plaster. The dispenser would close to keep them sterile.

Ten year old Bridgette Veneris came up with the “Faster-Aid”

Grade 5 & Grade 6

Eleven year old Dylan Bathgate from St Edmonds College, Griffith (ACT) for his “Food Recycling App”

Dylan’s Food Recycling App has been designed to help people recycle their food in a sustainable way and fix world-wide food waste. Features include a list of charities that are able to collect unwanted food, handy tips about recycling food, and a system to locate nearby chicken pens, worm farms or compost bins where you are able to take your food scraps to recycle. The app would also have a free subscription which allows you to tell others in your local community if you have a chicken pen or compost bin which they can also use.

Eleven year old Dylan Bathgate came up with a “Food Recycling App”

Year 7 & Year 8

Twelve year old Kern Mitchell from Colonel Light Gardens Primary School (SA) for his “Smart Sprinkler”

Kern has bettered his efforts in the same competition from 2014 when he was recognised as a top 12 finalist for his “Pool Infra Red Sensor System” idea but did not go on to win the national award that year.

Kern’s 2016 winning entry idea aims to reduce the water wasted by sprinklers spraying obstacles such as fences, footpaths, sheds, driveways and clotheslines. The Smart Sprinkler’s spray range can be adjusted by the owner pacing out the boundary of where watering is required using a remote control which continuously sends out signals to the sprinkler. The sprinkler records the radius and distance and rotational angle, allowing the sprinkler arm to change the tilt angle to increase or decrease the spray range.

Twelve year old Kern Mitchell came up with a “Smart Sprinkler”

Thousands of ideas have been submitted to Origin’s littleBIGidea over the years, with some winners going on to commercialise their ideas and others using the opportunities presented by the competition to further their study and career ambitions.

The competition will be opening soon. To register your interest head to littleBIGidea and we’ll let you know when the competitions is open and be in touch with other exciting news and details.

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