Light Bulb Moments: Tips on Saving Electricity

Every consumer would love to be better at energy management so they cansave electricity to reap the financial benefits. To find out how to better power save, Origin teamed up with Mrs Woog from More commonly known as Kayte, the blogger embarked on a road trip to find out more about energy. Join Kayte as she learns some power saving tips for how to save electricity at home and how you can save on electric bill pitfalls.

Written by Kayte Murphy

Day 1 – How to save power by understanding the bill

How understanding electricity bills will help you save electricity

You know, there are a few things that amaze me on a daily basis. Mainly, how they work. For instance, I still don’t truly understand how I can press a few numbers on my phone and actually speak to a person. How does that even happen?

Then there’s the Internet. Remember when you actually went to a library to find the information you needed—only to discover the book you wanted was checked out and not due back for a week? Now we can find all the facts at the end of our fingertips, while we’re sitting on a bus or cooking breakfast. Amazing.

And what about electricity? What even is electricity? How come, when there is a power point, you can plug in an appliance, flick a switch, and then … DISCO! You can make a cup of coffee! You can dry your hair! You can cool or warm your house! You can watch TV or Google the address of the sport field your kid needs to be at.

The Oxford Dictionary defines electricity as:  ‘a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons), either statically as an accumulation of charge or dynamically as a current’. Right, so that’s not at all helpful to me.

Further research tells me power has always existed, and there are documents dating back to 2750 BC that show that ancient Egyptians would touch electric eels hoping the jolt they received would cure them of any ills.

But what about modern day? How does energy get to my houseAnd where does it come from?

Thanks to Origin Energy, I recently went on an investigative trip down the gorgeous Great Ocean Road to find out exactly what goes on. I interviewed P.L.E.N.T.Y of people …and was colder than I’ve ever been in my life! I needed layers upon layers to stay warm.

Anyway, grab your coat (you’ll need it) and join me for my journey. You’ll likely learn a thing or two. 

About the author

Kayte Murphy (Mrs Woog) is a mouthy 40-something housewife from the burbs. In her blog Woogsworld she shares her thoughts about things like family, travel, and, wine and cheese. And she writes a lot about laundry. Mrs Woog is pretty much running late all the time, and will more often or not turn up somewhere with food spilt down her top. 

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