Monday Motivation - The SOCCKET

27 February 2017

This amazing piece of technology uses kinetic energy to harness electricity through play. 

Written by Jordaine Chattaway

For this week’s Monday Motivation we wanted to show you a literal game-changer. The name of this energy-generating gadget is simple and borderline playful in its tone; but its background is much more complex and its purpose is no laughing matter. The SOCCKET is – at first glimpse – a soccer ball. But this ball is anything but an ordinary soccer ball.

This amazing piece of technology uses kinetic energy to harness electricity through play. By simply playing soccer with the ball during the day, the ball collects enough energy to be able to power a light; charge a phone or even power a heater at night.

The concept behind the energy-harnessing soccer ball was born in 2008 when Jessica O. Matthews worked on a project to invent the SOCCKET at Harvard University. From her experiences, Matthews founded New York social enterprise Uncharted Play in 2011 with a view to explore the world of play and how it can be used to tackle energy issues across the world.

In this video we hear from Nigerian local James Ajah Eiche who expresses beautifully the importance of light in a community such as his own.

“The most striking thing that we need in this environment is light,” he says in the video.

“Light is life”

Eiche goes on to explain why generators are not a safe option for communities where energy is not easily accessible and commends the social enterprise for an invention which not only keeps the smiles on the faces of the locals, but also addresses and issue which is impacting communities like his own, all across the globe.

Find out more about this project.

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