Is solar right for me?

24 August 2018

An increasing number of Australians are making the switch to solar power as it can provide a greener, renewable energy source. So is solar the right choice for you too?


If the following scenarios apply to you, then chances are solar could be a good choice for you (and your hip pocket too).

5 people who benefit most from solar

1. Daytime energy users

Spending most of the day at home? Solar electricity could benefit you as you’ll most likely be consuming energy at the same time solar systems are generating it. This way, you’ll avoid using grid power, which is typically charged at a higher dollar rate.

2. People who have high bills (over $450 a quarter)

Are your quarterly bills reaching $450? Leasing a solar system could help you save as it removes the need for an upfront payment and ongoing maintenance fees. If you prefer to own a system outright, you’ll be able to save on your electricity bill. For an estimate on how much you can save, try our estimator tool.

3. People with swimming pools

There’s nothing better than cooling off by a swimming pool during an Aussie summer, however powering your pool pump during the day can be an expensive task! Using solar power could soften the blow. With Solar Flex , you could enjoy the benefits of solar panels, without the setup cost1.

4. People who work from home

If you work from home, you’ll most likely have your computer and printer turned on for the majority of the day. You might also be running your air conditioning or heating. Installing solar panels will help reduce your overall costs as solar panels generate energy while you’re consuming it, meaning you’ll avoid using grid power.

5. Business owners

Run a business? You should consider a solar system if your business consumes most of its electricity during the day. Solar Flex has a $0 capital investment2, which means you could begin saving as soon as you install your solar panels. Your business could also benefit in other ways, with some states offering solar tax rebates and incentives. Swapping to a renewable energy source could even be a good marketing story for your business.

If you’re still unsure, speak to one of our experts about solar panel costs and how you could benefit.

If you live in Victoria...Victorian households have even more reason to celebrate the sun and the coming warmer months with this weeks announcement of the Victorian Solar Homes program.

Under the $1.24 billion dollar program, Victorians (as of August 19, 2018) will be able to install a solar panel system and receive a 50% rebate - and from July 2019 the program will expand to include a interest free loan. The program estimates 650,000 Victorian homes will have a Solar system installed by 2028.  To be eligible for the rebate Victorians must

  • Have a household income of up to $180,000,
  • Own their own home valued up to $3 million, and
  • Work with an accredited  Clean Energy Council Installer.

To keep up with the latest on this program visit

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1. You may incur other costs in order for your property to be solar ready (such as electrical works, cabling or roof repairs). Visit our Solar as a Service webpage for full details. 
2. For full detaisl on our service visit our Business Solar page.