Don't break a sweat - 10 tips for staying cool

22 November 2017

The Aussie summer can be heaps of fun, but it's usually pretty hot too. You might find you're using the air conditioner a lot more than usual, which could increase your electricity bill costs.

To make sure you have more money for fish and chips at the beach, here are some tips for staying cool in the summer heat without spending a fortune on your energy bill.

1. Limit the use of your air con

When looking at how to stay cool in summer, the air conditioner is probably one of your first options. Although it might seem like the best way to cool a room, keeping it on all the time can be expensive. Instead, why not try using a fan to cool a specific part of a room? They're great alternatives to air conditioners since they use less energy.

One of the best tips for staying cool in the summer heat is to place your fan near your windows so it can better move cool air through your home.

Sometimes though, the fan just doesn't cut it during a hot January evening and the best way to keep cool at night is with the aircon. If you know you’ll be using it a lot this summer, you might want to clean or replace your filters regularly as they run better when they're clean.

You could also save money on your electricity bill by learning how to use it more efficiently. For example, setting it to anything lower than 24 degrees is not ideal - every degree lower can add about 5-10 per cent to your energy usage.  

It’s also helpful to put some thought into the areas you're cooling. By alternating between separate air cons or using zoned cooling, you can stay chilled without wasting energy.

2. Open and close windows and doors at the right time

If you’re looking at how to stay cool in summer, you might want to try opening and closing your windows. This could be the easiest and best way to cool a room and is also the best way to keep cool at night.

3. Try and keep the sun out of your home

It might seem nice letting the summer sun come into your home during the warmer months, but this can increase the temperature of your room by as much as three degrees.

Try to keep sunlight out of your home by using blinds, drapes or window shades. Keep in mind that window coverings with white surfaces facing outdoors will reflect the sun and cool your room.

If you want more tips on staying cool in the summer heat, you might want look into getting some shade cloths for your front or back yard. Planting a large tree will also give you coverage from the sun.

A few more tips to help you save

Using energy efficient appliances are not only a good idea for summer energy saving tips, but can actually help you save on your power bill all year round.

Also consider using your microwave instead of your stove, because it uses two thirds of the energy – who knew, right?

Some quick tips:

1.      Try and use a fan whenever you can

2.      Position your fan near the window to circulate cool air

3.      Keep your air con about 24 degrees

4.      Only use the air con in rooms that you're using

5.      Keep your house shut during the day

6.      Open up your house at night to let the cool air inside

7.      Use blind, drapes and curtains to keep sunlight from coming inside

8.      Consider planting trees or installing a shade cloth to cover your house

9.      Use the microwave instead of the stove when you can

10.  Try to take advantage of the warm summer sun when drying washing, not your dryer 


10 tips for staying cool this summer

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