Can cosiness help you cut energy costs?

12 April 2019

Picture this - a night in, there’s candles, you’re wrapped in a blanket, you find an old favourite on Netflix, incense is filling the room. Creating quite an image, aren’t we? Essentially, what we’re describing is hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’). You’ve probably heard of it - it’s a Danish phenomenon that basically refers to cosiness and contentment.

Written by Sophie Kostov

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Here's how feeling cosy could help you cut your energy use and bring your bills down too - so you can buy more candles and cosy blankets.

Wait, what is hygge?

In a nutshell, hygge is a Danish term that describes a general feeling of cosiness, comfort, familiarity and wellbeing. Danes embrace hygge all year - it’s a way of life.

Hygge is about appreciating the simple things that bring you joy, and can be felt in loads of situations: catching up with a close group of friends, watching a movie or reading a book on the couch, hot drinks and nourishing food, wrapping yourself in a big blanket when it’s cold or wet outside. And the term is used broadly too. For example, environments, objects, activities, people and places can feel hyggerly.

Here’s a quick guide on wrapping yourself up in hygge at home (as well as dressing gowns, socks, big jumpers, blankets…)

We think this feeling of cosiness goes mitten covered hand-in-hand with energy saving! Let’s get to it - here's how to hygge:

First up, switch the lights off

Candles are a must in creating a hyggerly atmosphere at home. Dim lighting creates a feeling of cosiness and calm (and romance – hint, hint). So, unless you’re doing something that requires a bright light, like preparing food or studying, opt for ambient lighting like candles and lamps.

Ps. lighting makes up around 6% of an average Aussie home’s energy use - so candles are win-win. And a whopping 40% goes to heating and cooling - which leads to our next reason for embracing hygge:

Grab a blanket

Wrapping yourself in a blanket brings instant hygge. During cooler weather, grabbing a blanket is a quick way to feel cosy, comfortable and warm! Plus, it could help you keep your energy bills in check.

In winter, setting your air conditioner temperature between 18°C and 20°C is recommended. So before you push it higher, think hygge and grab a blanket (or a jumper, dressing gown, socks - any of your favourite cosy items).

Got an electric throw rug or blanket? Even better. Electric throw rugs use a fraction of the energy of heaters. So, heat yourself instead of the whole room - a cost effective and hyggerly option.

Bake a treat

Catch up with a close group of friends, and enjoy some good food and drinks. It’s a great way to feel comfort and togetherness. (Oh, and cooking warms up the house too - and makes it smell yummy!) 

More affordable, more sustainable, smarter and easier.