Lending a hand for Gawura

Based inside St Andrew’s Catholic School in Sydney, Gawura is a day school for kindergarten to year six students, which is pioneering education for inner-city Indigenous children.  

While literacy, numeracy, sport and music tuition are still part of each school day, Gawura also provides a culturally supportive education environment that celebrates and strengthens Indigenous culture. 

The philanthropic arm of Origin, the Origin Energy Foundation, is proud to partner with Gawura to support this initiative, with financial assistance and volunteer support.

Research shows that Indigenous children generally have lower rates of educational attainment than the wider population. Gawura is tackling this problem by providing students with a learning environment where students are proud of their heritage.  

Two Origin employees, Andres and Rommero, recently volunteered their time to participate in a reading program, which assists primary school children with their literacy skills. Taking time out from their roles as energy traders, Andres and Rommero have been spending an hour each week with students at Gawura helping them with pronunciation, spelling, comprehension and their concentration. 

“It was encouraging to see the children’s interest in reading and it’s satisfying to know the small amount of time I give to help them ultimately contributes to the broader goal of a more educated, engaged and successful Indigenous community,” explained Andres.

“… it’s satisfying to know the small time I gave to help them ultimately contributes to the broader goal of a more educated, engaged and successful Indigenous community” – Andres, Origin Energy

Andres said: “The literacy gap between Indigenous and children in the broader community is very concerning. Education being the best opportunity to break down socio-economic and social disparity was what drove me to volunteer at the Gawura School.”

Andres and Rommero, together with other volunteers from Origin, are playing a role in supporting Gawura’s goals of helping children to succeed. 

In 2013 our employees volunteered 5,500 hours to the not-for-profit sector and 15,000 children have received help with their education through the work of the Origin Energy Foundation.

You can take a look at some other ways the Origin Energy Foundation is supporting the education programs to help create better lives for young Australians here.

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