Leading the way with gender diversity

“Doing” rather than simply “talking” about gender equality has earned Origin the prestigious citation in 2014 of Employer of Choice for Gender Equality from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).

We’re proud to be one of only 76 Australian organisations to receive the citation, which recognises businesses that have demonstrated an active commitment to gender equality.

The 2015 WEGA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality criteria1 details that “Gender equality is increasingly critical to an organisation’s success and is viewed as a baseline feature of well-managed and leading organisations. Research shows that groups with diverse perspectives and flexibility in thinking almost always outperform homogenous groups, leading to higher levels of creativity, innovation and organisational agility.”

The citation recognises the commitments we’ve made as an organisation; we’ve adopted voluntary targets for recruiting and retaining senior women and for proactively ensuring that men and women in roles that are graded equally will, on average, receive equal pay.  Each year we report on our progress against these voluntary targets in our Annual Report.

Flexible or alternative work arrangements help to support and encourage a diverse workforce as well as an established working parents program to support those coming back into the workforce.  We are committed to providing equality of opportunity and a rewarding workplace for all employees. We believe that consistently good decisions flow from considering a diverse range of ideas and outcomes. To foster this, we’re intent on developing a culture where decisions will be made without unfair or personal bias.

These words are echoed in our Compass, which comprises a set of principles, values and commitments and is embedded in the decision-making process that our people undertake every day.

Our chairman, Gordon Cairns, is one of 21 CEOs and Chairmen who make up the Male Champions of Change group.2 This group aims to use their influence to ensure that women’s equality in leadership position is considered as part of the national business agenda. In the following video, Gordon shares his view on women in leadership and workplace diversity.

Lightbulb Moments: Origin Energy Chairman Gordon Cairns

If you’re interested, we report our diversity results annually to shareholders.  


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