3 ways landlords stand to gain by using solar

Are your tenants asking about solar? If you own a commercial property and want to attract great tenants, a solar system can be a game-changer.

Written by Justine Summers

As a landlord, there can be a multitude of ways to make your rental property more attractive to potential tenants, from fresh paint, new carpets, double glazed windows to space saving furniture, the list is endless. One growing consideration for tenants is the cost of energy. It makes sense to look at how solar panels can benefit your property and your tenants, but we know there’s not that much information about. At Origin, we’ve been approached by many lease holders about the potential of utilising solar at their rental property, so we’ve done the research for you.

Making your rental property more attractive

The addition of solar energy to your property brings far more benefits than reducing energy costs for your tenants. That being said, the cost of upfront investment can be seen to be a barrier for landlords, and permission to use the roof is an obstacle for tenants.

Now, with products such as Origin’s Solar Flex, these obstacles have been removed. There are no costs for the landlord, only the requirement that your roof is used to house the solar panel array.

How can I help my renters get solar?  

While solar panel prices are dropping, they are still often considered an expensive upfront investment. Recently, products that work similarly to rent, try, buy have come onto the market, taking the cost and hassle out of installation. Origin have released a solution for tenants (with Landlords consent) which is similar to a rental agreement, Origin’s Solar Flex enables the tenant to benefit from a low fixed energy rate from a solar system that Origin installs, monitors, and maintains, over a 5 – 15-year agreement. This can be hugely beneficial in securing long term tenancy at your rental property.

What happens if the tenant moves?

What happens if your tenant terminates their lease? Thankfully with this low risk option, as a landlord you won’t need to take up the rest of the agreement as the primary contract is between your tenant and Origin. Origin will consult with the client regarding the future of the system, outlining a number of options–

  1. Transferring the system to the new tenant
  2. The Landlord can purchase the system outright, or,
  3. The tenant can choose to request Origin to remove the system at a cost to the tenant – this ensures all spaces are clean and remain undamaged after the installation or removal of items.

Doing your bit for the environment

Utilising solar energy for your premises can greatly reduce your property’s carbon footprint, which in turn improves your tenant’s green credentials. By opting into a cleaner source of power through our agreement, tenants will have the peace of mind that their actions are helping to preserve the planet. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, solar on your roof provides a differentiator when putting your property back on the market for future tenancies.

How can I get started?

Although the Solar Flex Agreement is between Origin and the tenant, we still require your approval for the agreement to go ahead, in order to access to your property during the installation and any maintenance. This means that as the property owner, it is ultimately your decision to make the switch to solar.

To help Aussie businesses increase their green credentials and lend a helping hand to the environment, consider Solar Flex for your rental property. If you’d like to find out more, please contact the Origin team, 8 am–5 pm, Monday – Friday on 1300 791 468.

About the author

Justine works in our Origin Business Solar department, and has a background in Marketing and PR. Justine is an fan of sustainable, minimalist lifestyles & is a self-proclaimed vegetarian recipe master – trying her hardest to convince the masses that meat free meals are still delicious.

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