Kids win the trip-of-a-lifetime to NASA

Dylan Bathgate wanted to help people recycle food in a sustainable way, so he came up with the idea for a food recycling app. He submitted his clever idea into our littleBIGidea competition last year and ended up winning the trip of a lifetime to NASA in the USA.

The littleBIGidea competition encourages young Aussies in grades 3 to year 8 to submit an idea that could be a new invention, an improvement to something that already exists of just a clever idea that helps make the world a better place.

Last year, we received just over 950 entries, and after tough deliberations, eleven year old Dylan was selected as one of three winners who were awarded with an all expenses paid trip to the USA to visit NASA Kennedy Space Centre and Epcot Theme Park in Disneyworld.

Dylan recently returned from his trip, and shared his experiences with us.

“Now that I’m home I realise how lucky I was to be able to go on a trip like that. It proves that if you put your mind to (something), you can do a lot” Dylan said.

“We visited NASA which was an amazing educational experience” he added.

“Seeing the spaceships was great: old rockets, one of the Apollos, and space shuttle Atlantis was awesome. It takes a lot of hard work and good ideas to get people into space.”

Dylan would know a thing or two about good ideas, with his food recycling app catching our judges’ attention for its innovation and practicality.

The app would help people recycle their food in a sustainable way and help fix world-wide food waste. Its features include a list of charities that are able to collect unwanted food, handy tips about recycling food, and a system to locate nearby chicken pens, worm farms or compost bins where you’re able to take your food scraps to recycle.

The app would also have a free subscription which allows you to tell others in your local community if you have a chicken pen or compost bin which they can use.

Watch Dylan’s winning littleBIGidea entry

When it comes to others entering the competition this year, Dylan said “I encourage everyone to give the competition a try and you never know, you might win a trip to the states if you have a littleBIGidea!”

Check out some of Dylan’s photos from his trip below.

Thousands of ideas have been submitted to Origin’s littleBIGidea over the years, with some winners going on to commercialise their ideas and others using the opportunities presented by the competition to further their study and career ambitions.

The competition will be opening soon. To register your interest head to littleBIGidea and we’ll let you know when the competitions is open and be in touch with other exciting news and details.

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