Kids Leading Innovation: littleBigIdea Finalists

The competition encouraged young Australians to submit an idea that could be a new invention, an improvement to something that already exists or just a clever idea that helps make the world around us a better place, for their chance to win one of three trips to the NASA Kennedy Space Centre in the USA (and some fantastic runners up prizes). 

Our judges were blown away with so many innovative and creative ideas. They had a tough time picking their favourites from nearly 1000 entries. 

Here are the littleBIGideas that made it into our top 12. 


Years 3 – 4

Bridgette Veneris

Having seen a number of people struggle with opening Band Aid wrapping, especially nurses wearing protective gloves, Bridgette realised there could be a better solution; the ‘Band Aid Dispenser’.

Daniel Patterson

Daniel was recognised for his thinking on how to make life for Autistic people easier without having visual cards and stop signs visible to those around. Instead he came up with the idea of an app connected via Bluetooth to an earpiece to give reminders, warnings and suggestions.

Ava Jane Hickcox

Ava created the idea of ‘MediPoles’ to give medicine to children in the form of an icy pole to help relieve the stress of trying to administer tablet or liquid versions.

Olivia Caroline Maddison

Olivia came up with the idea of a vending machine for the homeless. Donations would be placed in the machine and could be accessed with a card that the person has signed up for. By swiping their card in the machine they could choose the item they needed.

Years 5 – 6

Dylan Bathgate

Dylan wanted to help people recycle food in a sustainable way, so he came up with the idea for a food recycling app. Some of the features of the app would include a list of charities who can collect unwanted food, handy tips about recycling food, as well as a system to locate nearby chicken pens, worm farms or compost bins.

Calvin Willsea

Calvin was recognised for his idea of creating a device to help people with portion control. The ‘Gobblemat’ would have a speaker and scales to identify the weight of the food as well as prompts to advise of quantities and daily limits already consumed.

Ethan Chong

Ethan reached a top 12 finalist position for his ocean rescue net. Shaped as a dodecahedron the net enables rescuers to lower it into the ocean whilst it still maintains its shape, and scoop up the individual whilst retaining a rigid frame.

Molly Conroy

Molly was recognised for her thinking to create a Boundary Light to be used across various sports. Running on solar it would be a low maintenance device that would signal when a ball went over the boundary line to ensure clarity of decisions by umpires and players.

Years 7 – 8 

Imogen Wilkes-Bowes

Imogen came up with the idea of the ‘waste Not’ app, which allows food barcodes to be scanned and a notification for when it is about to reach its expiry date. It would also provide recipe suggestions for how to use it. The app would make sure food is not wasted or thrown away due to passing its use by date.

Kern Lee Mitchell

Kern was awarded a position as a finalist for the Smart Sprinkler system. This allows a sprinkler area to be mapped out by walking with a sensor to record the radius distance and rotational angle to help reduce water wastage.

Amberley Matuszkiewicz

Amberley created the idea of a ‘Black Spot’ in cars for mobile phones, blocking any signal to the phone of the driver to make sure they concentrate at all times on the road and are not distracted.

Rebecca Westaway

Rebecca won for her great idea of an indicator on car key fobs to show if the car is locked or not, giving peace of mind to car owners who may have accidently unlocked the car without realising.

Our 3 national winners will be announced on the 9th of November. Make sure to keep an eye out on our Facebook page.

For more information please visit littleBIGidea

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