Kids and curiosity: a heady mix for innovation

Australia has a long history of inventiveness, from the cochlear implant to spray-on skin, and starting young may just be the key to Aussie success in the space of innovation, exploration and curiosity.

It starts with the kids

If you’re looking for creativity, then look no further than the youngsters. Origin recently completed a survey of over 1,000 Aussie parents, and the results confirm it. Eighty-one percent of parents think innovation starts young.

A further 87 per cent believe fostering their children’s creativity is important to helping them develop important life skills, while more parents of children aged between eight and nine believe that their child is at their most creative than in any other age group (52 per cent). Only 20 per cent of parents of 18 year olds think their children remain creative as they enter adulthood.

Chief executive of Origin Energy Markets Frank Calabria said the company believes Australia’s youth will be responsible for the country’s next big invention.“Innovation is a key to success and it starts young,” he said.

“That is why Origin is encouraging and rewarding children for thinking creatively about how to solve real world problems.”

“Innovation is a key to success and it starts young,” 

Australia- A country of innovators

Did you know that in 1996, Australian researchers from CSIRO formed the basis for the Wi-Fi technology that is now found all over the globe?

Australians are also responsible for the pre-paid postage system, solar hot water, the dual toilet flush, black box flight recorders and heaps more.

From these early life-changing creations, Australia has worked hard to foster the innovation and creativity needed to offer solutions to some of life’s biggest challenges.  

To celebrate youthful curiosity and the pioneering spirit of young Australians, Origin Energy is launching the third annual littleBIGidea competition.

Do you have a littleBIGidea?

Origin is calling on budding young masterminds from grades three to eight to enter the third annual littleBIGidea competition, in order to unearth the next generation of young inventors. “In the first two years of Origin’s littleBIGidea, we have uncovered many great young inventors who have used their award win as a platform to even bigger and better things,” Mr Calabria said.

“I am very excited to see what this year’s batch of entries will produce.”

Origin littleBIGidea ambassador and former host of the ABC’s The New Inventors James O’Loghlin said the competition helped nurture the problem solving skills, curiosity and adaptability of young Australians.

It’s time to get excited!

The three winners from each category of the competition will fly to the USA for an all-expenses paid innovation adventure to NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre and Epcot Theme Park at Disneyworld.

To enter the competition, applicants must provide a 200-word summary of their idea, which can be accompanied with a short video or illustration.

If you think you have an idea to join the ranks of Australia’s innovation pioneers, tips on how to get creative and how to enter can be found at

Entries close at 11.59pm on Friday 30 September, 2016.

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