Jai Cooper, keeping Eraring safe

This year, we shared the stories of some of our most passionate people in our Sustainability Report and Shareholder Review, and asked what ‘good energy’ meant to them.

Eraring Power Station is a safer place to work, thanks to Jai Cooper and the rest of his crew.

The mechanical fitter has worked at Eraring for the past nine years, and one of his most important roles is to make sure everything is working safely.

“I keep the station safe through identifying potential hazards, and carrying out preventative maintenance,” said Jai.

“It might be anything from just tightening a bolt, to changing out parts at recommended intervals. What I like most at Eraring is that we are empowered to make the time to do it safely.”

Jai, who previously worked as an air-conditioning mechanic, says he was attracted to the job by Eraring’s reputation.

“It’s known as a really good place to work. If a job comes up here, there are a lot of people who put their hand up for it.”

He spends a lot of his time in Eraring’s huge mechanical workshop. When he’s not there, you’ll usually find him working a lathe in the adjacent machine shop, creating, or honing a much-needed part for the power station’s equipment – from feeders and conveyers, to the large mills used to crush coal.

Jai says he gains a lot of job satisfaction by playing a vital part in what is a much bigger process. “I like the feeling you get when you do your job to put something back into service, so the station can keep performing.

“Everyone has their own part to play and it’s pretty amazing how everything just comes together to achieve that common goal of creating electricity. It takes a village to run a power station. What is good energy to me? Good energy is safe energy,” said Jai.

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