It’s time for some good energy

Frank Calabria, CEO

It’s not every day you get to relaunch a brand – this is our first major rebrand in our 18-year history.

We have a fresh look and new logo to show we are a new Origin – a modern company looking toward to an exciting future.

But this is about much more than a new logo. We want people to feel good about being with us and good about the direction we’re headed – to make energy more affordable, dealing with us easier, and the transition to sustainable sources of energy.

“Our new brand is just the starting point. We realise there is still much to do to deliver more affordable energy to Australians. It’s a challenge we are not shying away from or think will be easy.”

There are many ways we’re already showing our commitment to more affordable energy. We froze prices for our customers in financial hardship, launched new discount deals for concession customers in Victoria and South Australia and launched an online comparison tool, Savernator, to make it easier for people to find savings.

We’re also rolling out technologies and tools to make energy easier to understand and give customers greater control over their energy use and costs.

We will continue to demonstrate our commitment to a future energy supply that is both reliable and renewable – from our pledge to halving our carbon emissions by 2032 and our increasing investment in renewable power such as solar and wind, to generating more electricity from our power stations to help put downward pressure on prices.

Underpinning our new brand commitments are a new set of values that embody who we are and act as a reminder to all of our people at Origin of how we want to go about our work. Regardless of whether we’re at a power station, in a call centre, a corporate office or out in the field developing natural gas resources, we all need to work as one team, be the customer champion, find a better way of doing things, care about our impact on the environment and stakeholders and be accountable for our actions.

It’s an exciting time for Origin. We know that if we deliver we will be well on our way to getting energy right for our customers today, and making it even better for tomorrow.

What we’ve done so far

  • Formal commitment to halve our emissions by 2032
  • Joined the Free Electrons project working with other leading global energy utilities to help energy start-ups get their ideas off the ground.
  • Signed up more than 1,200 MW of new large scale solar and wind plants since March 2016
  • Through our O Hub, we’re rapidly trialling new technologies with customers that make dealing with us easier and energy use smarter.
  • Principal sponsor of Energy Lab, the home of energy innovation at the University of Technology Sydney.

What we’re planning to do

  • Committed to closing Eraring, our only coal fired power plant, by 2032.
  • Targeting 25 per cent of our energy coming from renewable resources by 2020.
  • Investing in our fleet of lower emissions peaking gas power stations to maintain reliable energy supply as renewables increase.
  • Continue to listen to customers and communities about what’s most important to them.

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