Inspiring the next generation | Career Tracker Program Origin

This three month internship sets out to instil courage, knowledge and success in students as well as benefit their career direction.

Meet Ruby Dicker, our latest CareerTracker.

My time at Origin has created an inspired, career driven and empowered individual. From day one, there’s never been a dull moment. Constantly surrounded by the creative and uplifting social media team, I’ve been able to set out what I wanted to achieve, that being; to gain confidence in my creative thoughts and my career direction. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Communications (Advertising) at RMIT University and love every minute of it. I find the freedom of the creative space and industry guidance extremely beneficial for my learning. The same work environment has been present at Origin and I think this is why I was able to achieve such great things. Although I’m very proud to be an Indigenous Summer Intern, it has been amazing to be valued as if I was a long term employee.    

Thanks to CareerTrackers, I have found myself in this amazing position. This non-for-profit organisation aligned my career interests to a number of companies which they thought best suited my goals. The process then began to filter through and landed me on a phone call to Origin. By the end of the discussion it was clear that they had my best interests in mind and could help me achieve the greatest benefits for my future.

The motivation that I received prior to my internship from the CareerTrackers organisation truly set me on a winning path for success at Origin. Don’t get me wrong, I still felt the nerves, but the confidence that was instilled in me by Rosie, my CareerTrackers Advisor, made a world of difference. First there was a Melbourne CareerTrackers intro day, next a flight to Brisbane to meet all the other Origin interns, -then continuous video calls and check-ins to ensure I was sitting happy. To say I was well looked after would be an understatement.

Throughout my 3 months at Origin I’ve reached a total of 13,910 Facebook users through amplifying content. This number has stemmed from 4 creative tiles and cover photos I designed and curated to appear on Origin’s Facebook page over the summer. Although this statistic might not appear terribly impressive to some, this figure represents a beginning to my career aspiration. This aspiration has always revolved around creating innovative and inspiring content for the public to view, and to see this number has come about due to my work is a very proud moment.

To keep it short, here is a (condensed) list of some of the things that I’ve learnt:

  1. Coffee helps corporate life run a lot smoother.
  2. I’ve learnt skills that directly benefit my Advertising Degree, but most importantly how to conduct myself and my ideas in meeting and office situations.
  3. Due to people’s willingness to teach and trust in me, I’ve been able to really grasp the idea of a working corporate creative space and how each element is just as important as the next when creating content. 
  4. I’ve learnt how to utilise various resources so that the quality of your work benefits. I’ve been lucky enough to work with programs such as social studio, Facebook business and ads manager to interpret statistics and engage with customers. 
  5. To me, the most important thing that I’ve learnt is to give every idea/ thought/ query a chance to develop and expand before chucking it away.  

Who would have thought the biggest struggle I would face would be trying to figure out how to turn on the toasted sandwich maker (which I’m sure the people in the meeting room opposite the kitchen would have enjoyed). Of course I met some other challenges along the way too, such as adapting to Origin’s tone of voice when producing content or conversations for online. Yet nothing was ever too difficult once my social team gave me that boost of confidence.

At the beginning of this experience I was just another hopeful advertising student, determined and eager to get a hold of as much experience as possible. Both CareerTrackers and the team at Origin have enabled me to begin a strong industry network that I will continue to build throughout my career.

Would I recommend this program? 100% yes. The depth of knowledge I’ve gained from this experience ranges from valuable social media insights to general career advice. I’m extremely proud to be one of two Melbourne Indigenous CareerTrackers at Origin; however this number certainly has room to grow. To all Indigenous university students, you won’t regret this. 

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