Inside a gas plant

We believe that Australia has a future in natural gas and are proud to have invested in the growth of this industry. 

We’re one of the largest owners and developers of natural gas-fired power generation in Australia, with six stations across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

Natural gas is considered a flexible fuel, and can be used for steady baseload generation, as well as when demand for electricity is at its highest (peaking power) to help meet Australia’s energy needs.

When natural gas is burnt to make electricity, it emits less greenhouse gas emissions than a typical coal fired power station, making it more environmentally friendly than traditional coal fired power stations.

In this video we meet Peter, a Mechanical Technician at our Uranquinty Power Station, which is located not far from Wagga Wagga in rural New South Wales.

Inside a Natural Gas Plant

“A dream of mine was to be an electrician when I was a young feller, you don’t get any closer to electricity than being able to make it. That was my dream, fulfilled” – Peter, Origin Mechanical Technician.

As one of Australia’s largest open cycle gas-fired power stations, Uranquinty is designed to generate power during peak times. This might be during summer when air conditioners are running all day, and in winter when there’s high demand for heating.

As a child, Peter dreamed of being an electrician. As one of the ten full time employees at Uranquinty, you could say that he’s working about as close to electricity as you possibly could!

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