Innovative software could mean lower energy bills for businesses

When it comes to Australia’s energy industry, a national spotlight has been placed on energy affordability, security and emissions reduction.

For South Australians, energy security is top of mind. As part of our commitment to empower customers and help deliver better energy affordability, security and emissions reductions, we’re currently rolling out a new flexible energy demand trial with a group of business customers in South Australia.

Working with UK-based start-up Tempus Energy, Origin will utilise the energy innovator’s ‘flexible energy’ system which uses smart software that can predict electricity prices and shift electricity usage into cheaper periods or when renewables are plentiful.

The technology can also help overcome the patchiness of renewables, by helping energy to be used more efficiently and effectively. The end result could mean lower bills for businesses and a better outcome for the planet.

If the trial works this could mean lower bills for businesses and a better outcome for the planet.

Origin Executive General Manager Future Energy, Tony Lucas said there were a number of technologies being trialled at the moment.

“We believe (these technologies) could be part of the future energy mix that helps to maintain affordability and security of energy for our customers,” Mr Lucas said.

“Demand-side management is one of those technologies we believe could have strong merit, and we’re excited to get our trial with Tempus Energy under way in South Australia so we can better understand the benefits and the customer proposition.”

Tempus Energy Founder and CEO, Sara Bell said, Tempus Energy was “delighted to be partnering with a forward-thinking energy company like Origin”.

“We are looking forward to working with Origin to help them explore the benefits and challenges of new flexible energy demand solutions, and how this can contribute towards the transition to a lower carbon and stable energy system that can deliver tangible benefits to customers,” she said.

The partnership with Tempus Energy is the latest in a series initiatives to respond to changing customer demands, including:

  • O hub – a collaborative work-space where Origin is co-located with other Australian start-ups, which is dedicated to rapidly prototyping and trialling new energy solutions for customers.
  • Co-founding Free Electrons – a global accelerator bringing together eight forward-thinking utilities and 12 leading start-ups in renewables, smart grids, electric vehicles and home energy management.
  • Principal Sponsor of EnergyLab – the new home for clean energy innovation and Australian Energy technology start-ups, which is located at the University of Technology, Sydney.
  • Power Ledger – trial of peer to peer energy trading.
  • Bidgely disaggregation technology – trial underway of a solution that breaks down a customer’s energy use in the home.

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