Monday Motivation: In this future, energy can be donated

Explore with us a world where clean energy is created with each step we take and can be used to power the buildings in which we walk …

While the world searches for ways to produce clean energy, one innovative company poses the question: could the answer have been under our feet this entire time?

Pavegen has created a custom flooring system which transforms steps into off-grid energy. When weight is placed on a tile, it causes electromagnetic induction generators to vertically displace, resulting in a rotary motion which generates the electricity.

But that’s not all it does. This technology  is also equipped with a wireless API which transmits real-time movement data analytics which can connect to your mobile device or a building’s management system and record where and when people passed a certain point.

From this data, the company wants to create a digital currency:

“By stepping on our tiles and connecting via a mobile APP, each footstep is collected is converted into a digital currency that can be used to reward loyalty or to donate to charitable causes,” the Pavegen website reads.

So, in a Pavegen future, you would be able to not only power the building in which you’re in – but you could choose to donate the energy you’ve created from your steps to specific places, should you desire.

That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind’s energy security.

How is Origin paving the way to a cleaner energy future?

Want to know more about what Origin is doing in the innovation space to ensure a cleaner energy future for all Australians? Be sure to keep reading below to hear about just some of the ways we’re leading the way to a clean energy future for all Australians.

How origin is leading the way to a clean energy future

Correct as of publication date 17 August 2017

We are committed to helping secure a cleaner energy supply because we want a cleaner, better future for all Australians and the planet.

Here’s a few examples of how we’re focussing on energy innovation and leading the way to a clean energy future.

1. We’re trialling next gen home energy solution

In collaboration with California-based tech start-up Bidgely, Origin will shortly begin trialing the new solution with 5,000 customers in Victoria, providing them with a rare insight into where energy is being used in their household.

2. We’ve launched O Hub

Our Bidgely trial (see above) is one of the first projects being run out of O hub – a new office in Melbourne where Origin people are co-located with Australian tech start-ups, which is dedicated to rapidly prototyping, developing and trialing new customer solutions.

3. We co-founded Free Electrons

Origin is a proud co-founder of Free Electrons – a global accelerator bringing together eight forward-thinking utilities and 12 leading start-ups in renewables, smart grids, electric vehicles and home energy management.

4. We’ve established a presence in Silicon Valley

Orign is establishing a presence in Palo Alto, California – helping facilitate our access to the vibrant Silicon Valley start up community.

5. We’re supporting clean energy innovation

Principal Sponsor of EnergyLab – the new home for clean energy innovation and Australian Energy technology start ups, which is located at the University of Technology, Sydney.

6. We mean business when it comes to climate change

Gas will be the key to managing the transition to lower carbon and providing reliability and affordability as renewable energy grows. Origin’s generation portfolio consists of mainly gas-fired power stations, which are lower emissions than coal. We have committed to closing our single coal-fired power station, Eraring in NSW, at the end of its life in the 2030s and are accelerating our investment in renewables. Origin was the world’s first energy company to sign up to seven initiatives of the We Mean Business coalition, a worldwide group of NGOs, signatory companies and institutional investors committed to limiting climate change impacts to 2oC. Read more about it here.

7. We’ve already invested heavily in renewable energy

Origin is one of Australia’s largest supporters of renewable energy, with a portfolio of more than 700MW of owned or contracted renewable energy. We have invested in wind generation for more than a decade and by 2020, we intend to add up to 1500 MW of new, large-scale renewable energy to our portfolio. In the past year, we have signed a series of long-term agreements to buy the power produced by solar farms across Australia including:

  • the 220 MW Bungala solar project near Port Augusta;
  • the 56 MW Moree solar farm in NSW;
  • the 100 MW Clare solar farm in Queensland;
  • the 10.8 MW Lakeland solar project in Queensland, which also incorporates 5.3 MWh of battery storage.

8. We are one of the largest providers of green energy in Australia

We have over 150,000 green energy customer accounts, making us one of the largest Australian providers of GreenPower and Green Gas products. Green Energy is energy sourced from government accredited renewable power sources.

9. We are solar experts

We have 410,000+ Origin electricity customers with rooftop solar installed, who receive feed-in tariffs for the extra solar energy they produce. Origin is also Australia’s second largest installer of residential solar systems, having directly sold and installed around 85,000 residential solar systems.

10. We believe a balanced supply is important.

Origin owns and manages a fleet of gas-fired power stations which help maintain a reliable and secure electricity system, especially as we grow our renewable energy sources like solar and wind. We’ll keep doing what we can to decarbonise our energy supply and economy, while making sure our responsibilities as the largest energy provider in Australia are met at all times.


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