IKEA’s augmented reality app lets you virtually furnish your home

If you’re moving into a new home you can now use an augmented reality app to virtually furnish it, making sure you’re picking the right size and design for your space before spending the big bucks.

Companies like IKEA are finding creative ways to blend technology with their products, helping you find the right furniture for your home more confidently.

Their recently released app ‘IKEA Place’ uses augmented reality technology to let you virtually ‘place’ anything in your room – from sofas, lamps, rugs and tables. It’s all in 3D and true-to-scale so you can see if it fits your room both aesthetically and physically.

The app features 500-600 products available for purchase, and those who download it will have early access to the latest items produced by IKEA.

To use IKEA Place, you must have IOS 11.0.1 installed on their device.

For Android users, there are other apps available, like Home AR Designer that let you unleash full potential of home furniture and interior design.

Home AR Designer lets you walk around the room freely and see the furniture from all sides and angles in high quality 3D and at 100% accuracy of scale. The app also lets you change colours and materials, and place furniture or accessories anywhere in your room. You can also share your personal designs with friends, rate their designs and place them in your own room.

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