How your business could save with an energy health-check

Businesses are being prompted to improve energy efficiencies as a result of the decarbonisation of Australia’s economy. But it’s not just about being more energy efficient. Your business could save by using energy smarter.

Understand your energy costs

Often the term; “energy-efficiency” only refers to a decrease in electricity use. But for many businesses, there’s an opportunity to make sure that all the energy used provides the best outcome. 

Understanding your energy bill and how you use energy is the first step in getting the most out of it.

Look at demand management

Australia’s energy networks are under the biggest strain during high demand times, or what’s known as electricity peak times. During these times, the cost of energy is high because of the infrastructure needed to deliver it. To take the pressure off the country’s electricity networks, many energy providers offer incentives such as cheaper prices during off-peak times. Using energy during off peak times can help to reduce your bill. 

Assess the effectiveness of your electricity

Power Factor is a term used to describe the effectiveness of incoming electricity Sometimes, a poor power factor can affect the performance of equipment, since it uses more electricity to perform. Power Factor Correction units are available to increase the efficiency of your power supply and may reduce your energy costs.

Request a tariff review

Network tariffs are set by the distributor in your area.  Energy retailers, like Origin, don’t determine network tariffs; these are regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

Network tariffs are set according to your previous consumption levels, location, the time you use the most electricity and your ongoing demand.

There’s an opportunity for businesses to reduce their network tariff by looking at consumption patterns to make sure the correct tariff is charged.

More on the cost of energy

Go solar

You might want to source a mix of grid energy and solar to get the most out of your energy. If you use more electricity during daylight hours, solar power systems can help you cut down your business operating costs by taking control of the costs of daytime energy. Businesses that own the property or have a long-term lease, with large roof space that isn’t blocked by too much shade could benefit from installing solar panels.

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