How to use My Account to pay your energy bills

We believe that good energy is smarter and easier, so we spoke to Origin’s Sophie Fanning who manages the My Account section of our site. She explains how to pay your bills, renew or change your plan and manage your account details on our online portal.

People often ask me as the digital content lead for Origin’s Service team, “What can you do in My Account?” And I reply “Ask me what you can’t do, the answer is much shorter!”

To be honest, before I joined Origin, I didn’t use My Account. But now, I’m an addict. I’m always logging in to check my energy usage or see how much my next bill is going to be.

There’s not a lot you can’t do in My Account.

Want to pay your bill or set up a direct debit – so you never have to think about your bills again? My Account.

Moving house and need to take your energy with you? My Account.

Keen to keep on top of your energy use but don’t know how much you’re using? My Account.

What can you do?

So, what can you do in My Account? I’m glad you asked – lots.

All you need to register for My Account is your account number (which is on your bill), a phone number, your date of birth and an email address.

Once you’re in, you’ll see four main sections:

1. Billing and Payments – where you can view your bills, pay them, ask us to extend your payment date, set up direct debit or a payment plan or ask us to give back any credit you’ve saved up.

2. Move or Renew – like the heading says, you can renew or change your plan, tell us you’re moving house, ask us to disconnect a property or get your new holiday house set up with natural gas or electricity.

3. My Usage – my favourite part of the site. This is where you can see how much energy you’re using and see how you’re doing compared to this time last year.

4. My Profile – this is all about you. Your contact details, how you want us to contact you, your concession details (if you have any) and all the messages we’ve sent you – and you’ve sent us.

But what do My Account visitors actually do?

The pages our customers love most in My Account are the ones that let them track their energy usage:

  • View my bills – details of their current bill and download PDFs of all the past ones.
  • View my usage – a graph showing their energy usage over time – I love this one because I can see how much electricity used each hour of the day – if you have a digital meter, you can do this too.

The runners-up are all about making bill payments quick and painless:

  • Make a payment – this is the one I’d use if I weren’t set up with direct debit – you can make a payment on your bill (the whole bill or just a part payment) with three clicks (and a little typing).
  • Direct debit – obviously I’m a fan, as I’ve already set up direct debit for both my bills. This page lets you pick a card or bank account we can debit on the day your bill is due. No fuss, no bother and you’ll always get any discounts you’re due.

Watch: How to use My Account to manage your energy bills

The other popular page on My Account is Renew my offer. This is where you can see what deals and discounts we have on offer and pick one – to make sure you keep getting a good deal.

Now, given I write all the words you see on My Account, I am a little biased, but I can honestly say it is the quickest, easiest way to do business with us. No call queues, no having to explain what you want to do. Just in and out – no fuss no bother.

I hope you give it a go and become a convert, just like I did.

Log in to My Account to view and pay your bills, renew or change your plan and manage your account details.

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