How to save in a share house with Spike

Saving money on bills in a share house might seem tricky, but with interactive and rewarding energy-saving platforms like Spike, small tweaks can quickly make a big impact. Here’s how you can get the whole house involved.

What is Spike?

Spike’s our energy-saving rewards program. During periods of peak demand on the grid, which we call SpikeHours, Origin Spike members can be rewarded for hitting personalised energy-saving targets (forecasts)!

During SpikeHours members are encouraged to reduce their household energy use by making  small changes to their energy habits. Simple tweaks to how you use energy like turning off lights, switching appliances off at the wall or adjusting the heating can quickly have an impact on your bills, and help you hit your Spike forecast. When you do, you’ll accumulate SpikePoints. These points can then be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards. 

Cash bonuses aside, Spike is also the perfect program to help monitor and reduce your energy use if you’re living with others who aren’t quite as energy savvy as you are. Because, let’s be honest, there’s always that one roommate who leaves the heater running or the television on!

It’s time to talk

Speaking of healthy habits, SpikeHours are a great time to open conversations with housemates about energy use, and bills, at home.

Often conversations involving finances can be hard to navigate, as many people have different money stories and ways they manage their finances. 

Spike allows users to engage in healthy and open conversations about the ways energy is used in the house, and assess whether those habits align with their SpikeHour challenges. This helps to take the individual out of the conversation and instead redirects focus on a common goal.

Speaking openly about topics such as energy use allows each house member to have a clear understanding of what energy habits others are comfortable with, and work together to achieve those goals.

Level up your energy habits

Spike’s more than just a handy tool for helping reduce your energy bills – it can also help expand your energy knowledge. Helping you and your housemates understand where and how you use your energy at home.

By developing a deeper understanding of which appliances in your household are energy guzzlers, Spike empowers you to effectively reduce and save. From there you can start to implement habits to reduce your energy use all the time – not just during SpikeHours. Not only will this help you save money in the long run, it’ll also help make your household more sustainable.

Friendly competition

While it might not seem like it, saving energy and healthy competition between friends go hand in hand thanks to Spike’s weekly challenges. 

Inviting friends from other share houses to compete against one another to see who can save the most points is a great way to have fun with your housemates and take the stress out of tricky conversations, like cutting down bills.

The real question is how far will you go to win against your mates? Will it be reading by candlelight, flicking off the lights and settling in with some treats during a movie, or switching off devices and taking a walk down memory lane with a photo night?

Keen to join in?

For more energy-saving hacks your household will thank you for, become a Spike member today.

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