5 tips to love your laundry

Lots of people can find it hard to keep up with their laundry, let alone love it! This one little room hosts so many tasks: washing, drying, folding, ironing and mending, just to name a few. Often these tasks need to be completed on a daily basis, so it’s important to make sure that your laundry is working effectively, so it doesn’t get on top of you.

Below are my top five laundry tips that will help you create a functional space and might allow you to start enjoying the time you spend in there.

Top 5 laundry tips 

1. Sorting the dirty laundry

Sorting your dirty laundry is my number one organisational tip of all time.

It’s beneficial to wash all your darks, colours and whites separately to ensure that no colour changes take place during the washing process.  

Take the time to create a basket system so you can sort all your dirty items as they come into the laundry. This will also help you to know when you may need to put on a load (a good indication is when the basket is full), and stop you doing half-filled loads that might waste energy.

Read more about how I sort my dirty laundry here.

2. Create a routine

Most people have very limited time in the mornings, whether it’s running around to get the kids ready for school, or out the door for work and putting on a load of washing isn’t top of mind.

Consider creating a laundry schedule where you wash particular items on certain days of the week. This can be particularly helpful if you have limited number of school uniforms; washing them midweek will ensure you have enough for the end of the week.

Also think about the clothes that need to be washed the night before and put on the load that evening – then it will be ready for you to hang out on the line the next day.

This will save you time during the frantic morning rush, one less task to do and save you having to pop things into an energy inefficient clothes dryer.

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3. Have a backup plan for rainy days

Don’t be tempted to allow your dirty laundry pile to mount up when it’s raining, as this will make it harder to reduce when the weather fines up.

Ensure you have a back up drying plan.  Using the clothes dryer is convenient; however if you dry two loads of laundry a week on the line instead of in the dryer, you can save around $130 a year.

Different options could be:

1. Clothes line under back patio

2. Clothes line in the garage

3. A pull out line in the bathroom or laundry

4. A rod in the laundry where you can hang clothes directly on coat hangers

5. Portable clothes hoists in the garage, patio or in the house

4. Multitask when you can

Folding washing can be a chore, but it doesn’t take long when you do it daily. Don’t feel you have to be bored by it, you can still make it fun; put on the TV, listen to music, finally listen to that podcast everyone is talking about or have the kids read to you and you’ll have folded that basket without even realising.   

You can multitask while ironing too. I find time passes quicker when I watch TV and it’s a good opportunity to do a large pile of ironing. There’s an added benefit to this as well, because you won’t waste energy heating and reheating your iron every time.

5. Clean your appliances

That’s right, the washing machines and dryers need a regular clean too.  

Giving the washing machine a good clean every few months will remove any dirt and soap build up which sometimes ends up on your clothes and you may need to rewash them.

Read my instructions on how to clean your washing machine or take a look at the manual of your machine. 

Cleaning out the lint basket on your dryer regularly will also reduce any safety risks, and help the dryer function at its best; potentially reducing drying time and energy consumption.

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Authored by Katrina Springer

Katrina has a passion for for organising and baking. She shows how she manages her home, family and more via her blog The Organised Housewife, one of Australia’s most popular parenting blogs. Kat inspires and helps her readers to create systems and routines from organisation to cleaning, sharing how she stays in control at home through cleaning tips, organising ideas, printable charts and more. 

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