How to do a self-meter read in 4 simple steps

If you’ve ever received a bill from us and noticed you have an estimated read, it’s likely because you’ve got a basic meter, and a meter reader wasn’t able to get to your meter.

Estimated reads are pretty close, but not 100% accurate. The good news is, you can do a self-meter read in 4 easy steps, to ensure you’re only billed for the energy you’ve used. 

Your meter is important because it collects data that lets us know how much energy you’ve used. Your bills are based on this data. 

There are two types of meters: smart (also referred to as digital) and basic. If you’ve got a basic meter  there’s a chance we may have had to provide you with an estimated meter read. Find out why that happens here. 

While estimated readings can be pretty close, they’re not 100% accurate. To get around this, you can do a meter read yourself and submit it to us. This will make sure you only ever pay for what you use.  

The data you send through to us also allows you to view your actual usage in My Account (online or in the app) and gives you a more accurate understanding of your energy usage patterns. 

Watch our video below to learn where your meter could be located, how to read your basic meter and submit the information to us. 

How to do a self-meter read  

Read and submit data from your electricity, natural gas and hot water meters. 

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