How to better manage your time when moving home

Time management expert, international speaker and bestselling author, Kate Christie gives us her tips on reducing stress and saving time when moving home.

If you’re moving house, you’ve probably got a bit to do. From calling the removal company, to redirecting mail and dismantling the furniture, the to-do list can be never ending. Sometimes, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Kate says that more than three quarters of Australians feel like moving home is one of life’s most stressful events and anything that can help give people time back will make the process of moving easier.

With so many things to organise for your move, finding some ‘me time’ can be tricky.

We asked Kate for some advice, so you can take back control of your life.

Kate Christie’s top 5 time management tips when you move house

1.    Insource – don’t do all the work yourself. Divide up the moving jobs between all household members. Moving is a team sport!

2.    Your time is money – work out your personal hourly rate. With this sum in mind, identify the jobs you’re happy to pay someone else to do for you either because it will be cheaper or they’ll do a better job than you.

3.    Outsource – there are plenty of moving tasks you can outsource, including: packing; cleaning the house you are leaving; cleaning the new house; moving your possessions; unpacking.

4.    Be smart – streamline your tasks. For example, don’t go to every open for inspection in your area of interest. Rather, when you search online look at all the photos, the floor plan, the streetscape and then make a short list of the top three properties you want to visit.

5.    Batch – batch like-tasks together and do them all at once. This will allow you to focus on one type of job for a longer period of time (making it one larger task), as well as eliminating down-time when you jump in and out of lots of little tasks. For example, block time to call all your service providers in one batch. Or, better still – block time to get online and manage the process yourself.

Looking to get more time back? We’ve made sorting out your power and natural gas for your move fast and easy.

Five time management tips for a fast and easy move

About our Author

Kate Christie, Director of Time Stylers, is a Time Management expert, international Speaker and bestselling Author. Kate consults to big and small business, business owners and professionals on smart time management; how to maximise productivity at work and home; and how to retain top talent via smart time management strategies. Kate regularly appears in the media as a leading commentator on managing work/ life integration to ensure you can have success across your career, family, community, and life.

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