How smart home tech can change your life

Ever wondered what it means to have a ‘smart home’ or ‘connected home’? Let’s take a look at how this technology can make a real difference to your everyday life at home.

Origin recently launched a new smart home solution, Home HQ – a simple and affordable way to turn your house into a smart home.

We’ve successfully trialled the Home HQ Starter Kit with hundreds of customers, who are enjoying the convenience and peace of mind of setting up the kit in their home.

If you’re heading away this summer, no matter the weather, you’ll always know what’s going on at home.

And if you’re moving home, get connected the smart way by setting up Home HQ after the move.

Let’s take a look at how this tech can make a difference to your everyday life.

Manage and Control Your Home

You can now manage and control your home with ‘smart’ appliances and devices, all from an app on your phone.

Once you download the app, you’ll be connected wirelessly to all the smart devices you’ve set up in your home, even when you’re not there. This gives you insight and connection to your home, from wherever you are.

Smart devices all talk wirelessly to a central hub or gateway via a modem in your home. Smart bulbs, smart plugs and a range of other monitoring devices all connect via Wi-Fi to help you control your home.

Smart Bulbs

A Smart bulb can be used to replace a standard screw or bayonet light bulb in your home. Attach it to a lamp, and you’ll be able to turn the light on or off, or even dim it, by using your phone. If you’ve climbed into bed and left the family room lamp on, simply use your phone to turn it off.

Smart Plugs

If you connect any home appliance to a smart plug, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to turn it off before you leave home. Connect a smart plug to a standard power point, then plug in your appliance. It’s that simple.

When you open the app, the smart plug will pair with the device. Then you can check the status of the appliance and toggle to switch it on or off. Handy if you’ve left an iron or hair straightener on.

The app can also show you other things about that appliance, like energy usage, which is handy if you want to learn more about the power demands of individual appliances in your home.

Get connected

A smart home gets exciting once you learn how to get all your connected smart devices working together.

An entry sensor can detect when a door or window is opened and send a notification to your app. Even better, this action can activate an alert being sent to a neighbor or a smart bulb being turned on in your home.

You can connect a motion sensor to detect your own movement at night in your home, so it automatically turns on a smart bulb in the bathroom. It’s easy to co-ordinate these relationships between devices by setting rules in the app.

Custom Rules

You can customise rules and make them as detailed as you need, according to certain days and times.

While you’re away this Summer, you can make a porch light turn on every evening for a certain duration to give the impression someone is home.

Or set a rule for how you want to control your devices while you’re away: ‘If it’s between 6pm and 6am and my front door opens and my motion sensor detects movement in the hallway, send me and my neighbor a notification and activate all hallway smart bulbs.’

By setting Geofencing preferences, the app will know when you’re home or away and apply certain rules based on your location. You can create a set of rules for Vacation mode to keep an eye on your home while you’re away.

DIY Camera

You can also use a spare phone or iPad to connect into the smart system and act as a camera device. Simply download the app on the spare device, and position it in your home to utilise the existing camera functionality of this device. Set a rule: ‘If movement is detected by my motion sensor, activate my camera device to record for thirty minutes and send me a notification.’

This is handy if you have pets. You can use the spare device to capture video of your pet, so you can check up on them or even talk to them via your primary phone.

Where can I purchase Home HQ?

The Home HQ Starter Kit includes a gateway, smart plug, smart bulb, a motion sensor, two entry sensors and a temperature and humidity sensor.

Take advantage of our Christmas special of $199 for the kit, or choose an easy payment plan, and enjoy delivery right away.

Keep an eye on the people and the things you love the most, with Home HQ.

The smart way to bring your home to life.

At any time, you can purchase more Home HQ products on our website, and we’re always here to help.

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