Energy services for high rise apartments

Apartment buildings are more than a collection of individuals; they are a community, often with shared goals.

Written by Andrew Cameron

Some of these communities are choosing to more closely manage their energy needs, for various reasons including sustainability, cost and convenience.

In order to achieve their shared objectives, it is important to choose an energy retailer that has the right products and services to meet their needs.

A great example of a high rise residential development setting itself up for the future is 181 Fitzroy in St Kilda, by developer Pace.  This project was unveiled on the 7th December, and includes a range of energy services, provided exclusively to residents including:

  1. 54 solar PV panels
  2. an electric vehicle (EV) charge point in the communal car park – plus a Mitsubishi Outlander Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) to be used as a share car exclusively for residents
  3. embedded electricity
  4. natural gas for cooktops;
  5. and serviced hot water

While Origin  provides natural gas, electricity, LPG, solar, battery storage and metering solutions  to millions of residential and business customers every day – it’s is the first time we have provided this many services in one high rise residential property.

This property is a unique and exciting step for Origin, as it’s also the first time we have provided a high rise residential apartment building with solar, an electric vehicle charge point, and an electric vehicle for communal usage.

This generation to transportation energy solution means residents of 181 Fitzroy are reducing their carbon footprint through communal solar PV on the roof and an efficient hybrid electric communal vehicle in the basement. 

And there are many possibilities the future, which this (and other) communities may collectively choose to adopt.  This may include battery storage, GreenPower or data provision from smart metering that can help manage usage and cost.

This type of partnership between an energy company and a property developer is no doubt the way of the future, and it’s exciting that Origin and Pace are leading the charge!

About the Author

Andrew has 20 years experience in the energy industry, and is currently responsible for Origin’s Centralised Energy Services and New Property businesses. Andrew has been with Origin for 12 years, holding senior management positions in commercial sales, mergers/ acquisitions, business transition/ integration, planning/ analysis and operations. .

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