How Electricity Gets to us

We asked Kayte Murphy from Woogsworld to come on the road with us and find out how energy gets to her every day. 

If you’ve been travelling with me from the get-go, you’ll know about the places I have visited and the gazillion questions I’ve asked. Yes, I like to know stuff.

If you’ve just joined my Origin road trip, you can catch up on days 1 – 4 below. I found out what’s behind my electricity bill and how gas is processed and used for electricity generation. And next we look at exactly what those poles and wires exist for (and how they help me get my morning coffee)!

Day 1 – Light bulb moments

Day 3 – How gas is processed and emus

Day 2 – Natural gas production

Day 4 – Gas, electricty generation, and big red buttons

Possum protectors

Talking about knowing stuff, on a recent get-fit walk around my neighbourhood, I noticed something funny attached to the wires that ran into a particular house. It was like a huge clear dinner place with a hole in the centre. There was one on each of the wires that ran from the street pole. Of course I asked the question, “What the devil is that?” and my wise walking friend had the answer. She said it’s a device people use to deter possums from climbing along the power lines and taking up residence in the roof, which can be a painful thing to deal with, especially at night. (Possums love to party when the sun goes down)O

That got me thinking about poles and wires and how we don’t even think about them unless they’re knocked down in a storm – and then we think about them a lot, especially if we’re left without power as a result! 

So I set off to talk with Andrew Dillon from the Energy Supply Association of Australia – and I learnt a lot. Like that Australia has one of the largest networks of poles and wires in the world. And that the electricity grid is very reliable, which is very comforting! I learnt why the wires are carried from the power plant to sub-stations via huge big towers. I even learnt what a sub-station is!

Take a look at day four of my road trip and hear what Andrew and I have to say about those poles and wires we often ignore but couldn’t live without. You’ll see the only question he couldn’t answer was why so many bats choose the wires as their final resting place. That is one I still need to research.

Day 5 – Along the poles and wires

Electrical poles and wires: how electricity gets to us

My next stop sees me heading to Origin HQ! I’m off to find out what the future of energy might hold and what’s happening with Origin and their approach to renewable energy and customers. 

Watch Day 6: Hello? Come inside the call centre

About the author

Kayte Murphy (Mrs Woog) is a mouthy 40-something housewife from the burbs. In her blog Woogsworld she shares her thoughts about all kinds of things like family, politics, food, travel, some very lame attempts at fashion, social issues, wine, cheese. And she writes a lot about laundry. Mrs Woog is pretty much running late all the time, and will more often or not turn up somewhere with food spilt down her top.

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