Save On Electricity With Solar

If your business is churning through high levels of electricity during the day, you might want to look at how solar power could benefit you.

Running a business can require a lot of energy. You might find that you’re operating anything from machinery, to air conditioners, lighting and computers for nine hours a day. This can impact cash flow. Your business could save money (and earn some green credentials) by locking in a low solar electricity contract rate with Origin’s new product Solar Flex.

In the past, some businesses have been wary of making the switch to solar power due to the costs of the system and maintenance. Solar Flex allows businesses to save on daytime electricity costs without worrying about capital investment. As Origin will own the system, they’ll take care of any ongoing maintenance for you. It also gives businesses access to lower than grid electricity rates for daytime use and more control over their daytime energy costs.

Different businesses can save various amounts, depending on a range of factors, such as daytime electricity needs, existing electricity rates, roof space and the size of the solar system installed.

Take a look at how various businesses have gone solar with Origin’s Solar Flex.

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Filterfab is based in Queensland and has operated for more than 100 years, with a core focus on researching, developing and manufacturing industrial textiles for the laundry and associated industries.

Origin noticed that Filterfab was consuming a lot of electricity during the day. As the company’s electricity provider, it made sense to get in touch with Stephen Rixon, Filterfab’s Financial Controller and suggest Solar Flex as a way of reducing their daytime electricity costs.

Looking at Filterfab’s bills from the previous year, Origin estimated they could save $41,000 over a 15 year Solar Flex agreement and installed a 10kw solar system.

Filterfab took advantage of this option and locked in a low solar energy rate over the period of their agreement. They were able to leave the ownership and upkeep of their solar system to Origin, which meant they started saving from day one.

“As a business, the process has been seamless as it doesn’t interfere with our work, and I can’t see any disadvantages, only positives in moving to Solar Flex. The bonus of being able to help improve the environment makes this option one to really consider for all businesses who consume a lot of electricity during the day time.”

– Stephen Rixon, Financial Controller

Clonard College

Clonard College is a Catholic girls secondary school, located in Geelong, Victoria. When the school doubled its size in 2012, their 5kW solar system no longer cut it.

Origin’s solar specialists got in touch with the school’s Business Manager, Tom Harriot, with a custom solar proposal. After looking at their roof space and electricity consumption patterns, the energy retailer estimated they could save $51,000 over a 15 year term with Solar Flex.

Clonard’s new solar panels will allow them to enjoy the benefits associated with renewable energy and help reduce their daytime electricity costs.

“Going solar has been an option in the past, but with the costing, it just wasn’t going to be affordable for the school, until now.”

– Tom Harriot, Business Manager

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