Moving house horror stories: What not to do

Can you imagine hiring a moving truck and packing it full of all of your belongings – only to have it stolen before you had a chance to drive it away? We ran a competition with Nova to uncover some of your moving horror stories. It turns out not everything about moving home is as easy as moving with Origin…

Written by Jordaine Chattaway

When it comes to moving home, it’s pretty safe to say that things don’t always go smoothly. That’s why – here at Origin – we’ll do everything we can to try and make your move fast and easy (so you have one less potential disaster to worry about).

Talking about disasters, earlier this year we ran a competition through Nova to hear some of your horror stories – and we found that not everything about moving home is as easy as moving with Origin.

Mandy shared her horror story with us and have to say, it’s probably one of the worst things that could happen during a house move.

“We hired a moving truck and packed the truck full,” she told Nova.

“Went inside to have a quick bite and it got stolen.”

Well Mandy, while we can’t organise a truck for you, – but, we can offer is an online sign-up process (so no need to chat with us if you don’t want to); next day connections and no exit fees.

And we can also share some tips on how to drive a moving van (and – hopefully – not have it stolen).    

How to drive a moving truck

If you decide against removalists, I’d suggest hiring a van. A word of warning: always keep your eye on the van and never leave it unlocked or with the keys inside (not even for a quick dash inside to get more boxes!)

If you’ve never driven a large vehicle before, this video will give you some guidance:

·       Inspect the vehicle for any dints and scratches before driving

·       Brake sooner than you’re used to

·       Allow a large turning area

·       Drive under the speed limit

·       Look into insurance for your rental vehicle

If there’s one thing that could take your mind off of the stress of moving home it might be the knowledge that – in just a few days – you’ll be lost in the world of music at your favourite concert.

For Olivia – that hope was quickly squashed when she realised she had accidentally packed her concert tickets into an unmarked box. To make matters worse – the day of her move was a particularly stormy one.

“During a storm we moved … unfortunately I’d packed concert tickets for that night into an unmarked box,” she told Nova.

“Everyone was running around wet to find them.”

So, in honor of Olivia (we’ve all been there) we want to share some packing tips for when you move home.

Packing tips for moving house

This video has a heap of great packing tips to save you time. But, first, one from us: work out what you’ll  need within the next week or two (depending on how long you think it will take for you to unpack) and keep it in a separate box.

  • Label your boxes with the room they need to go into
  • Pack your belongings into your furniture eg. use your side table draws to pack miscellaneous items 
  • Pack any essential items in an overnight box eg. toothpaste and a change of clothes

Now, when it comes to vacating the house you’re leaving, one of the most tedious tasks is making sure it’s clean.

Georgia shared her horror move story which, not only taught her a costly lesson, but which also taught us one.

“I thought I would save money and clean the carpet myself,” she said.

“Turns out, the carpet turned green and I lost my bond money. Lesson learnt: hire a cleaner.”

So, here is something we prepared earlier (plus a handy video we wanted to share) when it comes to cleaning your home before you move.

How to clean before moving out

Don’t forget to clean! This is a very important step for movers. A great tip here: if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, hire some cleaners.

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