10 home emergencies you could really live without

Life’s busy enough without house-related drama.

Whether you live in the home you own or rent out your property to tenants, minor property emergencies won’t ruin your life – but they can really muck up your week.

Picture it: you’ve just settled into your new house. You’ve unpacked all the boxes, you’ve mapped out your morning run and you’ve earmarked your new favourite coffee place.

Then the first rainy day you encounter in your new place, the unthinkable happens: the roof starts leaking right over your teak dining table.

Your brain goes right into solution mode. How do you fix the problem? Do you even know any reliable tradies in your new area? And who would take a call at 7am on a rainy Sunday morning anyway?

Energy, with a side of emergency home assistance

Let’s face it: getting reliable tradie help can be tricky under ideal circumstances. And emergencies have a habit of tripping you up at the trickiest times.

But if you were an Origin Home Support customer, the fix would be easy.

You’d just pick up the phone and call Allianz Global Assistance on 1800 758 350. The team is available 24/7 and they would help you arrange the home repair service with a qualified repairer.

How does Origin Home Support work?

Origin Home Support is an energy plan that includes a 12-month Allianz Global Assistance Emergency Home Assistance membership. It includes two callouts per year1 for these ten common household emergencies:

  1. Locked out of the house
  2. Blackout or power failure
  3. Burst tap or showerhead
  4. Blocked toilet, drain or pipes
  5. Damaged heating or cooling system
  6. Damaged roof or guttering causing an internal leak
  7. Broken or burst hot water system
  8. Gas leak
  9. Broken external door or window
  10. Burst pipe

Origin Home Support energy plan comes with an Allianz Global Assistance Emergency Home Assistance membership included. When you sign up, you’ll get a 12-month Allianz Global Assistance Emergency Assistance membership that gives you reassurance for those little (or not so little) home emergencies.

It’ll take you around five minutes to sign up online, and as soon as your energy contract is active, your Emergency Home Assistance membership will also be active. Allianz Global Assistance will send you a welcome pack via post to confirm your membership details.

If you’re moving house, your membership starts on the date your energy plan starts. The best part? You can get all the benefits of the membership as soon as your Origin Home Support starts. You don’t need to wait to use the service as long as your Origin Home Support plan is active.

1Exclusions, limitations and terms and conditions apply.

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