What are we doing to make your good energy more affordable?

From kicking it to your favourite tunes on your bluetooth speaker, to whipping up a delicious new Masterchef-style delight for dinner, we all rely on energy every day to power the things we need and love in our lives.

That’s where Origin comes in. Not only do we provide that Good Energy, but we aim to make sure you get it without any hassles and at a price you can afford. We take this job pretty seriously and we dedicate a lot of time and team members to getting it right.

Here’s just a few of things we’ve been up to:

Introducing Savernator

What if your energy company told you honestly whether they could give you a better deal or not? Sounds like a dream right? Well dream no more – our Savernator tool makes it quicker and easier to work out if you can save on your home electricity bill.

The best bit is that we will tell you (with our hand on heart) if you can do better or not. Gone are the days of waiting on hold or trying to wade through detailed pricing info and discounts with a calculator – in just a few clicks you can find out if, and how much you can save with Origin.

All you need to do is grab a recent electricity bill, upload it to the site and within seconds you’ll receive personalised advice letting you know if you can save. Cha-ching!

If don’t have a recent bill handy, the Quick Compare tool will provide you with a savings guesstimate based on your location, current retailer and estimated household electricity usage.

Helping vulnerable customers

We’re committed to supporting our most vulnerable customers. Our Power On program provides residential customers who are experiencing hardship support to pay their bills, and advice to manage their ongoing use, so they can get on top of their energy bills and stay there. We committed $12M for this financial year to this program.

We also took the big step last year of freezing price rises for customers in our financial hardship program.

Driving down prices

We’re doing a lot in the background to try to help steady the energy market in Australia and drive down prices for our customers.

Origin has become the first Australian energy company to formally commit to halving its carbon emissions by 2032 – that’s good for the environment and good for the energy industry in Australia. Reducing our emissions is just the start – we’ve also contracted 1.1 gigawatts of new renewable power, and adding this new supply will help reduce power prices over the long term.

New ways to manage your energy

We’ve been busy trialling a range of innovative and electrifying new energy management solutions. One that’s got us really excited is our collaboration with a start-up called Bidgely. It lets customers get a better idea of where energy is being used in their home by using world-leading tech to analyse data from electricity smart meters and provide an estimated breakdown of energy use by a home’s appliances. We are now looking at how we can make this really helpful tool available to as many customers as possible.

This trial is only one of the projects run out of O Hub – a space in Melbourne where Origin people are based with Australian tech start-ups, which is dedicated to finding and developing Good Energy solutions for our customers.

Another project the O Hub team have been working on is Home HQ. Home HQ, is a smart kit allowing you to monitor your home through an app, for just under $200 bucks a pop.

For that amount, you’ll get a starter kit that will let you monitor and control your appliances, keep track of the temperature and humidity of your home, and create alerts for when motion sensors are triggered. Home HQ is just on sale now through our online store www.originhomehq.com.au

See if you can save – in seconds.

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