Glamorous Weekender: 9 glamping must-haves

Even though summer is officially over, autumn brings a bright splash of colour, cooler evenings and the perfect opportunity for some mid-season glamping. 

So what is glamping? It’s just like camping with a splash of indulgence and style mixed in for good measure. We’ve scoured the world for the perfect additions to your getaway, so before you head out for a weekend in the wilderness check out these glamping must-haves.  

1. The luxury abode

Ditch the old four man tent in lieu of some hard-core luxury with this beautifully architectural and spacious tent. Marrying together the traditional design of a Tibetan Yurt for the added height and apex of a Tepee, the Lotus Belle Tent is your home away from home.

2. Sleep like a King, Queen or any other royalty

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a newbie to the glamping world, one thing’s for sure, a good night’s sleep can make all the difference. You’ll need a super comfy mattress, so it’s good to know that the the REI team has this covered.  With a hand pump, insulated top quilt and fitted mattress pad and you’ll be sleeping snugly on your trip. 

3. Suds not mud

Let’s face it; there’s nothing luxurious about washing out of a bucket for a few days, so Ozark created the two room shower tent. It’s easy to set up and provides a separate area for changing and keeping your clothes dry.  Add to this a portable solar shower bag, and you’ll be gleaming all weekend!

4. Gotta see a man about a dog

Unquestionably, the biggest barrier to a full glamping experience is the dreaded walk into the forest with a shovel. While it’s unavoidable, it can be less “rustic” with the addition of a camping toilet.

5. Yes, but coffee first

Possibly the single most important ingredient to catapult your camping experience from blah to hazah is a portable coffee maker. This nifty little gadget will set your happiness radar to high; it’s light, relatively inexpensive at $50 and is really easy to use.

6. Food glorious food

Cooking up a storm and staying toasty is high on the happy- glampers list. Thankfully, Homecamp has created the Frontier Plus, an amazingly portable and multipurpose stove. A rustic addition to any campsite or tent, this cooker/wood burning stove is perfect for an evening under the stars.

7. I’ll drink to that

What’s better than a warm drink on a cold night? A warm drink on a cold night with light! The VSS Flask light combines great design and functionality. With a 40 hour flashlight and built- in flask to hold your beverage, its multifunction design is sure to be a big hit around the campfire.  

8. Dance like no-one’s watching

No weekend away is complete without some tunes and a sing-song around the campfire. The Fugoo Sport is a shockproof, waterproof, mud proof and snow proof Bluetooth speaker with 40-hour battery capability, designed to set your night on fire, (not literally, but you get the idea!)

9. You light up my life

All of these glamorous must-haves are frankly useless if you can’t see a thing, so we’ve found some serious additions to light up your site. The BioLite power bundle runs on a 3-in-1 power bank, charged by an 18650 battery (the same battery to power the Tesla model S), allowing you to distribute power amongst devices such as a torch, lantern or hanging lights. The bundle has a 72-hour battery life and is USB rechargeable, making you the light of any party!

Now you’ve got all the accessories for a seriously luxurious weekend, all you need are a few handy tips to keep your home safe while you’re away.

Three quick tips before you go

  1. Turn off all your appliances at the wall as standby power can account for 6% of your household energy bill.
  2. To reduce your usage and for safety reasons, it’s best to turn your electricity, gas and water off at the mains or meter.
  3. Draw curtains, lock windows, gates and doors for security.

Use our solar calculator to see how much you could save on your electricity bill.

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