Five years of supporting good causes

Working alongside more than 30 charity partners, the Foundation supports good causes in education and has touched the lives of more than 20,000 Australian students. They provide support through grant-giving, employee volunteering and by matching the charitable donations from Origin’s employees. Since 2010 more than $14 million has been distributed to help young people become the best that they can be. 

The Foundation has been helping close the gap for Indigenous Australians, breaking down the barriers to education for country students and supporting disadvantaged and disengaged students engage with learning again. They also fund scholarships to help Australia’s brightest talent reach their educational goals.

Working alongside more than 30 charity partners, the Foundation supports good causes in education and has touched the lives of more than 20,000 Australian students. 

To help build a strong community sector, the Foundation works with Australian Not-For-Profit organisations to achieve their goals, through training and development and funding of research.

The Foundation recognises that teachers are key to student success and has also assisted 3,5001 teachers across a range of programs, including the award-winning QUT Exceptional Teachers for Disadvantaged Schools program. This program takes the brightest student teachers and trains them to prosper in the most challenging schools. So far there have been 87 graduates who are now working in schools that need them the most. With the Foundation’s help, the program is being adopted by universities around the country. 

More than the numbers

While there’s no doubt that these are big numbers and something to be proud of, the stories of individual success are what really count. 

The recently launched Foundation Annual Review takes a look back and recognises the achievements of those they’ve been able to assist over the past five years.

“It’s the individual stories that convince us that the Origin Energy Foundation’s focus on education is making a difference” explains Sean Barrett, Head of Origin Energy Foundation. “Whether one of our grants has allowed a partner to expand a program to help hundreds of children in need, or we’re able to support just one student through a mentoring program, it’s something we’re very proud of,” says Sean

You can meet some of the young people the Foundation is proud to support here.

What’s next for the Origin Energy Foundation

As the Foundation prepares for the years ahead, they will sharpen their education focus on four key areas:

  1. Science, technology, engineering and maths education (STEM)

2. Equality of educational opportunity

3. A stronger community sector

4. Employee engagement

You can read about each of these focus areas, and what they mean for the Foundation here.

“We will continue to seek out and support organisations with evidence-based solutions to the challenges in these focus areas. We have commissioned research from recognised academics to help us better understand these challenges,” says Sean. “At the end of the day, we remain committed to creating opportunity for young Australians”.

Hear from Origin Energy Foundation Chairman, Gordon Cairns, as he reflects on their first five years in this quick video. 


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