Five everyday items boosted by solar

So, to celebrate our love for the sun, we wanted to take a closer look at everyday items that have been boosted by solar.

1. Bike locks

Skylock is a solar-powered bike lock which not only utilises the sun to keep your ride safe, but  uses multi-sensor technology to provide remote monitoring and crash alerts. Skylock can be controlled entirely from your phone (Android or iPhone) and alerts you when anything seems out of the ordinary … pretty cool, hey?

2. Backpacks

It’s a simple concept. Solar panel at the front of the bag, soaking in all those beautiful rays throughout the day – and a small battery hidden in the back. BirkSun is just one brand using solar technology to make bags more useful. How? Well, like charging your electronic devices on the go.

3. Moser Lamps

This has to be one of the coolest uses of solar energy going around. Its simple; incorporates recycling, and provides lighting for free! Created by Brazilian mechanic Alfred Moser, Moser Lamps are made from plastic bottles filled with water and bleach. Sounds pretty simple, right? The cool part is that when they’re installed in the roof of a house, the lamps produce light with a strength of 40 to 60 watts (which is stronger than some light bulbs).

4. Phone Charger

With so many on the market we decided not to pinpoint any one brand. However, solar phone chargers are the ultimate answer to NEVER being left in the socialsphere darkness. Simply lay it out in the sun; and off you go.

5. Energy

You didn’t expect us to leave this one out – surely? At Origin, we love our energy plans. We don’t just install solar systems, we help tailor a solution to suit you. And we’ve been doing this for years. Check out our solar calculator to see if solar could be right for you.

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