Elise Ring, delivering energy to your home

When you turn on your television or boil the kettle, spare a thought for Elise Ring and her team.

Elise manages Origin’s high-tech Monitoring and Support Centre, based in Brisbane.

Elise and her team of operations and efficiency engineers are responsible for delivering power to millions of Australians along the east coast of Australia. The team oversees 22 generating units remotely, optimising gas generation in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, and gas, coal and hydro generation in New South Wales.

“At the push of a button, my team are stopping and starting power stations across the country and providing people with electricity in real time,” Elise said. “We look after 2,264 megawatts, which represents power to more than 2 million homes.”

The centre is one of the most advanced of its kind in the world, also acting as a virtual brain, collecting 3 trillion points of operational data from thousands of sensors in nine locations across four states.

“We’re collecting data, then using machine learning and neural networks to make better decisions for the business, to drive down costs for the customer, and to create different ways of doing things to make our power stations more reliable,” Elise said. “It’s leading-edge technology and we’re trying to push the boundaries every day.”

“What is good energy to me? It’s giving people access to safe, reliable and affordable power,” said Elise.

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