Diamond netballer delivers good energy to Chinchilla

In May this year netball players in Chinchilla, Queensland, received a boost of good energy! As part of the ‘Be an Origin Energy Diamond for a Day’ program, former Australian Diamond, Caitlyn Nevins, dropped in to surprise and inspire the young players.

Now in its second year, the program surprises local netball communities going through challenging times and supports club players to achieve through the power of sport. The Chinchilla visit included a special training session run by Caitlyn, a video call with current Origin Diamond player Cara Koenen and a surprise financial donation towards new equipment for the club.

Origin’s General Manager, Condabri Talinga Orana Asset, Alexandra Kennedy-Clark is proud that Origin is supporting grassroots netball and helping to unite regional communities in such a tangible way.

“Helping to promote a love of netball by facilitating a visit from former Origin Diamond Caitlyn and encouraging local players to do their best every day is an honour,” she said.

Watch the highlights from the day

With the Australian Diamonds having won 11 out of 13 World Championships and many other accolades, Caitlyn knows what it takes to go from regional schoolgirl in the small town of Echuca on the Victoria/New South Wales border, to Australian champion.

Caitlyn met with local netball players from across the Western Downs to run through a special coaching session, giving home grown talent a taste of what it’s like to train as an Origin Diamond.

“It’s great to be able to share the love, passion and sisterhood team spirit netball brings to regional communities and see how much enthusiasm these young players have for the game. I’m proud to be able to help inspire the players, close the gap between regional and city opportunities and play a small part in helping grow the sport by visiting Chinchilla,” Caitlyn said.

Chinchilla Netball President, Kelly Statham, thanked Origin for the wonderful opportunity on behalf of the players.

“Helping to show our players that hard work, resilience and dedication pay off and dreams really can come true is so important,” she said.

“Our players really loved meeting Caitlyn and Cara. The courts are still buzzing. I think that the good energy provided by this visit is the start of great things for Chinchilla Netball,” Kelly said.

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