Delivering sustainable and affordable energy

At Origin, we acknowledge the role we need to play in transitioning to a lower carbon future in order to deliver affordable and sustainable energy to our customers.

We’re committed to leading the transition to a cleaner and smarter energy system that Australians can be proud of – one that achieves the reliable and affordable energy customers expect and deserve.

Origin was the first Australian company to set an emissions reduction target independently endorsed by the international Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) as aligning with the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting global warming to 2°C.

Our target forms part of the climate change action framework We Mean Business, which was established to accelerate corporate action on climate.

Under our target, Origin has committed to halve our direct emissions by 2032 by exiting coal, increasing reliance on gas as a lower emissions alternative to coal and increasing our interests in renewables.

To work towards halving our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2032, we are targeting for renewables and storage to make up more than 25 per cent of our generation mix by 2020. Since March 2016, we committed to 1,200 megawatts of new wind and solar projects since 2016, including Moree Solar Farm in NSW, Darling Downs Solar Farm in Queensland, Bungala Solar Farm in South Australia and the mega Stockyard Hill Wind Farm in Victoria – enough to power all the homes in Ballarat, Adelaide and Newcastle combined.*

We are also working to see how large-scale storage will play a role in energy reliability and security. In 2018, Australia’s first large-scale storage project, Lakeland Solar and Storage, was commissioned, with Origin buying all the energy from the 10.8 megawatt North Queensland facility.

We’re also making sure our fleet of lower emissions peaking gas-fired generators is ready to play an increasingly important role in maintaining energy security.

In North Queensland, we are installing a 4 MWh battery to our Mt Stuart power station – the first time in Australia a grid-scale battery will be connected to an open-cycle gas-fired turbine – which will allow Mt Stuart to restart the grid in the event of a system-wide outage due to a major event such as a cyclone. At our Quarantine power station in South Australia, we commissioned a new fast-start aero-derivative turbine that can start up in as little as three minutes, which will help support growth in renewables by stepping quickly in to maintain supply.

Our We Mean Business target will also see Origin close its only coal-fired power station – Eraring – at the end of its operational life by 2032.

Origin is also helping residential and business customers by providing the tools to more easily understand their energy usage, reduce their carbon footprint and save money.

We’re calling for business customers to take part in a national demand management trial with Tempus Energy that will help them save money and reduce emissions by using AI to run appliances and machinery when energy costs are cheaper – typically when renewables are generating.

Origin is also developing its first Virtual Power Plant in Victoria, linking 600 businesses and residents using cloud-based demand management software which will allow them to dispatch power back to the grid much like a traditional centralised power plant.

And in the home, customers with smart meters have access to detailed breakdowns of what appliances are costing to run in their homes through Usage Buster, while Home HQ is giving customers the ability to control home appliances using their phones or Amazon Alexa.

We are always looking to make energy easier through the latest technology and our work with global start-up accelerator Free Electrons gives us access to the best new ideas from the start-up world.

To find out what else we’re doing to transition to a cleaner energy future, check out our Sustainability page.

*1Figure based on an average daily household consumption level of 16kWh and estimated capacity factors across all solar and wind projects.

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