Delivering greater savings for SA concession card holders

From today, more than 50,000 South Australian households will receive greater savings off their electricity bills with Origin announcing an increase to the South Australian Concession Energy Discount Offer from 18 per cent to 20 per cent.

Under the revised offer in partnership with the South Australian Government, concession customers will receive a 20 per cent discount on electricity usage and supply charges. An average household could save up to $471 per year on their electricity bills, depending on their current electricity offer and level of consumption.

Concession card holders already on the offer will have this increased discount automatically applied, while new customers can contact Origin on 1300 791 465 to take up the offer.

Origin Executive General Manager Retail, Jon Briskin said, “There are 120,000 Energy Concession recipients in South Australia who haven’t yet signed up for the offer and this could be an easy way for them to reduce their electricity bill with just one phone call.”

Customers can also access flexible payment options, and will not receive late payment, paper bill or credit card processing fees, or exit fees.

Households receiving the SA Concessions Energy Discount Offer (SACEDO) can also benefit from an 11 per cent discount on their gas usage and supply charges.

The 20 per cent discount applies to electricity usage and supply charges and is an ongoing offer, however Origin may vary the electricity discount with 90 days’ notice and natural gas discount on 20 business days’ notice.

“Origin is proud to continue our partnership with the South Australian Government and increase the support we provide to customers under an improved Concession Energy Discount Offer,” Mr Briskin said.

“This is part of Origin’s ongoing commitment to provide price relief to the most vulnerable members of the community, that also includes freezing prices for customers in our Power On hardship program since 2016.”

From 1 January 2019, Origin applied an automatic 10 per cent usage discount for all customers who are concession card holders across SA, NSW, ACT and QLD who have not previously taken up a discounted market offer.

Any customer with questions about concession eligibility can call Concessions SA on 1800 307 758 or  

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