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GIANTS Care team member Ali Faraj, was named as Case Worker of the Year in the 2015 Australian Migration and Settlement Awards.

Origin is a proud sponsor of the work carried out by GIANTS Care, the groundbreaking community program set up by the Greater Western Sydney AFL Club. Ali has been a key player in helping the club work towards its goal of doubling its community initiatives in Sydney's west, and was especially recognised for his extensive work with the multitude of multicultural communities in Western Sydney and his work delivering harmonious outcomes in the community. 

We sat down with Ali and asked him for some tips to build neighbourly spirit and community trust in our own suburbs.

Building community spirit in your neighbourhood





GIANTS Chairman Tony Shepherd paid tribute toS Ali. “Ali works very closely with the communities that make up Western Sydney and this award is great recognition of his dedication," Mr Shepherd said.“Social Cohesion is a key area of our club and in particular GIANTS Care and through this program Ali is helping us further enrich the lives of many people in Western Sydney."

It's the third time the Migration Council Australia has hosted the awards with the judging panel made up of esteemed community leaders including chairperson Ms Quentin Bryce and assisted by Dr Hass Dellal, Ms Naomi Millgrom and Mr Andrew O’Keefe.

The award follows last year’s Australian Multicultural Awards where the GIANTS’ promotion of AFL Multicultural Round was recognised at the Sydney Opera House.

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