Change 90

Give thanks to Mother Nature

Reward yourself and the planet.

Mother Nature has given us lots of beautiful things. Uluru. The Venus flytrap. Even stink beetles. It’s about time we gave her something back.

When you sign up to the Origin Everyday Rewards Plan, you’ll not only collect Everyday Rewards points for everyday energy use, you’ll also get 25% GreenPower for electricity, and 100% Green Gas at no extra cost. And that’s super rewarding for the planet, not just you.

And because you’re supporting green energy, maybe you won’t feel as bad for binge watching back-to-back eps of whatever marriage-based reality show you’re into. And you’ll feel better every time you  have to reheat the kettle (because you forgot about your last cup of tea. Again).

That’s how great the Origin Everyday Rewards Plan will feel.  Find out how you can reward yourself, and the earth, today.

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