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SolarBuddy Program

Give the gift of light.

Energy poverty affects around 800 million people around the world, many of them children. What is energy poverty we hear you say? Imagine being plunged into total darkness when the sun sets. Families are forced to rely on harmful and costly fuel sources like firewood or kerosene. That’s energy poverty. Without safe, clean, reliable electricity, the educational outcomes of millions of children are compromised, and the poverty cycle continues.

Our Origin Energy Foundation has partnered with Australian charity SolarBuddy, who are working to put an end to energy poverty. Together, we’re providing solar powered lights to help children living in energy poverty keep studying once the sun goes down.

The lights are built in schools around Australia by students and Origin volunteers, before being shipped to countries in the developing world, where they’re distributed to children in need. Since April 2019, more than 1,600 Origin volunteers and 7,000 Australian students have played a part in the program, helping to impact more than 23,000 lives.

You can help put an end to energy poverty and donate the gift of light today or join SolarBuddy’s community of givers.