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Song showers

Sing your way to shorter showers.

You’ve heard Elsa belt it out a thousand times before. Probably more. But Let It Go from the Frozen soundtrack is more than a headache trigger for parents of young kids. It’s also almost four minutes long – the same length of time as the perfect shower.

Coincidence? Can’t be. Because getting your child to sing a four-minute Disney banger is also the easiest – and noisiest – way to help them remember how to keep their showers shorter.

H20 is the reigning MVP of our natural resources. More mindful water usage can save millions of litres of water each year, having a huge impact on both our energy use and our planet. Which all makes singing in the shower more than fun – it’s world-saving.

And it’s not just Elsa who can help your kids clean with speed. Spotify has multiple playlists under searches for SHOWER and 4 MINUTE SONGS. Seems like a lot of people have thought deep and hard about what makes the perfect shower song. If only someone would just tell them to Let It Go…

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