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Walk to School Day

Walk the walk on National Walk to School Day.

Friday 14 May is National Walk Safely to School Day. Participating in the day not only reduces air pollution from cars, it encourages children to create regular exercise habits from a young age and helps them to develop healthier practices as they become adults.

Want to spice it up a little bit?  You don’t have to walk. You just have to not drive. So how else could you get to school? Scooter? Skateboard? Wheelbarrow? It’s up to you to get as creative as you like. Grab some friends and make the last 50 metres to school an epic conga line. And just so you’re aware, we’d never say no to a unicycle.

Oh, and if you’re too far away for any of that to be possible, try catching a bus, train, tram or ferry a little closer – and then wheelbarrowing from there.

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