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Let our app crunch the numbers for you

Expend minimal energy, managing energy.

Get to know your energy like the back of your hand, or more like, the front of your hand, while you’re holding your phone, with the Origin App open. Yeah. Know it exactly like that.

The Origin App’s the easiest way to get fully across all your energy usage and keep track of all your bills. Here are the advantages:

  • If you have a smart meter, track how much energy you’ve used before your bill arrives
  • Get simple ways to pay instantly
  • Stay up to date, with alerts and notifications

Apart from being convenient, getting a closer look at how you’re using energy is also the first step in managing your bills in the future. And having everything centralised in the palm of your hand makes it even easier. It’s like getting a highly accurate palm reading (except it doesn’t require going into some strange psychic’s tent where the air is filled with more incense than oxygen).

Jump over to the App or Google Play Store and download it today.