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Make your home greener

Grow your own at home.

Make your home-made meal with home-grown ingredients. Many herbs are just as easy to grow yourself as they are to duck down to the shops to buy. Plus, home grown herbs come with that little bit extra satisfaction – and none of the extra plastic.

Why not start with some home-grown basil? Or parsley? Or rosemary? Or rosemary’s best friend, thyme? All these herbs take to grow is a packet of seeds, a pot, some planting soil, a little bit of water and a dash of sunlight. Soon you’ll be enjoying some the best meals you’ve eaten – or, at the very least, the best garnishes.

Here are a couple of tips to help your herbs thrive.

  • Not to pick favourites, but the sun is a herb garden’s best friend. Try to give your herbs six to eight hours of sunlight a day. Note, though, that on especially warm days you may want to keep them out of direct sunlight during the hotter hours.
  • Regularly check the top inch of soil as potted herbs can dry out quickly. During warmer weather, some herbs may need to be watered once or even twice a day.
  • Continually harvest your plants. Trimming them back encourages more growth. Even if you don’t need the herb right now, you can always pass a bunch onto a friend or neighbour.

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