Change 74

VPP Batteries

Take a load off, let’s recharge your batteries.

It’s one of the best feelings in life. Can you guess it?

Nope, it’s not scratching a hard-to-reach mozzie bite. Ah, good guess. But nope. It’s not nailing a parallel park with all your friends in the car. It’s actually having someone else do the work for you. Not in a “you’re lazy” kind of way. But a way that says: “Hey muscles, I think I can help you out here.”

It’s why at Origin, we’re constantly brainstorming new ways to help you save. Without you having to do much at all. Like with Origin’s Virtual Power Plant – a network which connects all types of different energy sources and devices, allowing them to work together as one.

Our Virtual Power Plant will be able to regulate energy to help keep it green. How does this work? Well, during the day there is a lot of excess solar energy floating around the grid. The Virtual Power Plant pulls from this source to balance the supply of energy with the demand. For example, rather than waiting until night time to heat up your hot water system, we can do it during the day, when the sun is shining. That way, not only will we be using more renewable energy, we’ll be saving you time waiting for the perfect shower temp once you roll in after a hard day’s work. Perfect for those who like it HOT.

In the shower, we mean. Okay wait, that doesn’t sound better. Nevermind. You get what we mean. Hot water in the shower.