Change 73

Natural light day

Let there be natural light.

How well are you reading this text right now? If your face keeps inching closer to the screen as the day wears on, it may not be just your font size to blame. Another culprit could be artificial light.

Our reliance on screens, phones and artificial light sources can cause eye strain that leads to permanent eyesight damage. And this is where Natural Light Day comes to the rescue. Opting for more natural light sources during the day lowers our risk of nearsightedness by helping the eye produce dopamine and encouraging better eye health.

Rolling up the blinds and turning off the lights also makes a difference to both your energy levels and your energy bill. Exposure to daylight has a double-bonus effect of improving our wellbeing and mood, while also reducing our electricity costs every month. Which is all more proof of the power of our sun.

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