Change 69

Stop clinging on – zero waste

Become a no-waste warrior.

Ever stopped to notice how many disposable and single-use items we use, or how much plastic our shopping is packaged in? Once you do, it can be hard to unsee the amount of avoidable waste filling our bins every day. But, if we all tried to make simple little changes where we could, the only trash problem we’d have was our addiction to reality TV.

If you’re keen to bin less, why not set a friendly household challenge to produce 25% less waste this week? Get everyone on board, including the kids. Get them to make bright signs for the household bins as a helpful reminder to try to keep them empty. Then, with a little organisation and creativity, you’ll be amazed where you can cut down.

SHOPPING: Try to shop more mindfully. Ask yourself if you reeeeeally need it. If so, could you get it second-hand? Could you borrow it instead?

FOOD: Buy fresh produce where possible, taking your own reusable bags with you. Then keep it fresh in the fridge with beeswax wraps and reusable silicone Ziplock bags. Some bulk food stores even allow you to bring your own storage containers for purchasing staples like nuts, flour, spices and rice by weight.

PACKAGING: If you can’t avoid things that come in packaging, find ways to give them a second life. Save things like toilet rolls, wrapping paper, packing peanuts, wine corks, and empty food jars to build a killer craft supply kit for your kids. Think of all the priceless ‘art’ they’ll be producing for you!

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